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Being a new Shinee fan and American. Do you think you can give me any info i should know if there is anything to know, thanks.

omfg how exciting and you came to me with this question !!! i’m honored hahaha.

okay well depending on your definition of new, i’ll assume that you know next to nothing? so um… i’ll make a bullet list lol.

- important dates: 
↳ debut date: may 25, 2008;
↳ birthdays: december 14, 1989 (onew), april 8, 1990 (jonghyun), september 23, 1991 (key), december 10, 1991 (minho), july 18, 1993 (taemin).

 onew (lee jinki); leader, clumsy (whenever he does/says something weird, it’s referred to as onew condition), favorite food is chicken, HE’S THE MOST PRECIOUS, twitter is @skehehdanfdldi, fans are known as mvp’s.
↳ jonghyun (kim jonghyun); main vocalist, extremely talkative, dated actress shin sekyung about two years ago, his twitter is @realjonghyun90, often referred to as the “bias list ruiner”, fans are known as blingers.
key (kim kibum); i consider him a triple threat (able to sing, dance and rap really well), girl group dancing master, extremely sassy and blunt, founder of the 91ers ( group of friends who are idols born in 1991), instagram is @bumkeyk, has tackled musicals as well (catch me if you can, bonnie and clyde, three muskateers), fans are known as lockets.
↳ minho (choi minho); “flaming charisma”, extremely quiet and shy during debut era but now just as fucking crazy as the rest of them, rapper, used to be called frog/alien (big eyes, small head), the actor of the group, “hyung whore” (has a lot of friends who are male and older than him lol), fans known as flames.
↳ taemin (lee taemin); maknae, lead dancer, “married” to son naeun of apink on the program we got married, known to be really good friends with kai (kim jongin) of exo, known for being one of the prettiest man idols in the industry (looks really good when crossdressed lmao), fans are known as taemints.

- tv shows: 
↳ shinee-centric: shinee’s yunhanam, hello baby (season 2), shinee’s wonderful day.
 featured on select episodes of: star golden bell (several episodes), school of rock (one episode) maknae rebellion (2-3 episodes, everyone except for minho), oh! my school (minho & onew on different episodes), muzit (one ot5 episode), star king (multiple), strong heart, we got married (taemin and a couple ot5 moments), flower boy generation (certain members were mc’s for 2-4 episodes), king of idols, invincible youth (minho & taemin, different episodes), happy together 3 (one episode), immortal song 2 (jonghyun in the beginning, taemin in the middle), hello counselor (two ot5 episodes), night owl (onew’s in ALL of these, i think. ot5 comes in for an episode or two though), sang sang plus (one episode, onminkey), running man (just minho, i think), weekly idol (2 ot5 episodes), 2pm’s idol army (one episode, back when they were just babies omfg.)
 dramas: the pianist (minho, one episode), salamander guru (more of a comedy/sitcom though… minho is main character with 2 cameos from taemin), to the beautiful you (minho), medical top team (minho), tahee hyegyo jinhyun (taemin), high kick! 3 (taemin), dating angency: cyrano (taemin cameo for 3 episodes), welcome to royal villa (onew).

- music (promotional songs in korea anyway):
↳ 2008: replay, love like oxygen, amigo
↳ 2009: juliette, ring ding dong
↳ 2010: jojo, lucifer, hello
↳ 2011: japanese stuff “the first” (japanese versions of their songs, promotional things, etc.)
↳ 2012: sherlock
↳ 2013: dream girl, why so serious?, everybody

okay there is no way i can tell you everything about them and i think i’m just scratching the surface cause i’m sure they’ve been in more things (along with radio shows DIDN’T ADD THOSE CAUSE WOW NO TOO LONG) lol i would start with watching the shinee-centric tv shows to get a gist of their personalities, and then work your way into the featured shows… i’ll bold the ones i think are most interesting because some are just.. eh lol. they don’t really give insight on shinee as a whole anyway.

but seriously. welcome to the fandom! we’re known as shawols (don’t think i mentioned that lol) and we’re all super friendly! don’t be afraid to ask any more questions! especially if something i said confused you orz.

for tv show links, youtube is your best friend. the international fansite/forum thing has a lot of good links/downloads (if you get the required amount of posts) and they have a lot of the earlier subbed shows as well. i think this site has a lot of good sub links as well.

as for seeing them live, wait for the next smtown concert. if you live in america, pretty much your only hope is either going to la or nyc to see them (i think nyc would be the closest one time wise since la was like last year or smth i don’t even remember lol).

OKAY THIS TOOK ME OVER HALF AN HOUR SORRY have fun exploring shinee!