tv: sherlock (bbc)


Um, hello. Is, err… I’m sorry, Sherlock asked me to come. What, two weeks ago? Yeah, about two weeks.


make me choose meme:  the asib cheek kiss or teh cheek kiss?

  the asib cheek kiss AND teh cheek kiss.

the first kiss: sherlock realized that molly’s feelings are real and strong. molly was surprised, she didn’t expect for that kiss. the first significant body contact between them. simple, beautiful and spontaneous. sherlock wanted to apologize for being an idiot with her, and finally accepted that her feelings are real, and he should not play with them.

the second kiss: molly didn’t expect for that kiss either, but she smiled. she was happy because sherlock was back, and because he seemed to care about her. sherlock knew molly was engaged, but he still kissed her anyway, like he needed to do that. it was important to him.

     Sherlock/Molly Fanmix on 8tracks


  1. barcelona - please don’t go
  2. something corporate - konstantine
  3. john mayer - free falling (live)
  4. maroon 5 - how
  5. bon iver - skinny love
  6. coldplay - the scientist
  7. the maine - these four words
  8. joseph arthur - junkies and limousines
  9. maddie jane - impossible (cover)
  10. dave matthews band - crash into me

listen here:


sherlolly + the five love languages. (insp)