tv: sekaiichi hatsukoi

Me watching "Kiss him not me" with my mom
  • Mom: *notices how main character really likes BL*
  • Mom: hey Mia, u two r really similar
  • Me: how?
  • Mom: y'all both like BL
  • Me: wh-h-what r u talking about?
  • Mom: Yuri on Ice is BL
  • Me: ...but it's not true BL
  • Mom: how would u know?
  • Me: oh, (junjou romantica)
  • I don't know (love stage)
  • I just (Sekai ichi hatsukoi)
  • heard of a lot...
  • Totally never read them
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Mom: *squinting* such a lie

As some of you may know, TheAnimeMan did a video covering the top 100 anime according to Japan. Now he is doing a poll to create an accurate top 100 anime list according to the international community. He needs our help to get an accurate list. Even if you don’t watch his videos could you please take some time to fill out the survey? And even if you don’t watch/like anime could you please spread this around so we can get as many responses as possible? Thanks in advance

30 Day Seiyuu Challenge!!!

Day 3: A seiyuu you’d watch anything in

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(✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿) My Tomoaki….So handsome! Beside Shouta, I ALWAYS watch what’s he’s in. No matter what. His deep voice…He’s acting in BL Drama CD’s and Singing… If I had to pick my ideal man, He is number 1!

Noticeable Anime:

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Kō Yukina (Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi)

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Camus-sama!!! (Utapri)

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Natsume Asahina (Brothers Conflict)

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Haru Kaidou (Super Lovers)

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Kousuke Ooshiba (Hitorijime My hero)

He’s the BL Prince and you can’t tell me otherwise!

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