tv: seigi no mikata

Recommendation List (pt.2)

Note: This list is in no particular order

6) Heavenly Forest
An unexpected meeting leads to friendship between two college students. They often go to the forest to take photos and romance blooms. But what happens if one of them has a secret she can’t keep hidden? Although there are some plotholes, this bittersweet movie is good and worth watching.

7) Seigi no Mikata
Fans of ShidaxKanata will enjoy this humorous drama. 15-year old Yoko (Shida Mirai) is often tormented behind closed doors by her “perfect” sister Makiko (Yamada Yu). Ironically, Makiko’s actions somehow always ends up making things better for others, thus called an “ally of justice”. One day, Makiko falls in love and Yoko’s life suddenly becomes much more hectic. I love this drama, simply because it has all of my favorite actors and actresses in it! Shida Mirai, Kanata Hongo, Mukai Osamu and Yamada Yu–who can resist?

8) Kuzu no Honkai
Warning: Contains mature scenes not suitable for people below 18 years of age. So if you’re 17 and below, skip this drama. This is one of the most recently finished drama that I started watching before it finished airing. Mugi and Hanabi seems like an ideal couple at first glance, but they both have someone else they love and are only dating each other to soothe their loneliness. They share physical intimacy (hence the warning) driven by loneliness. But will things stay like this forever? If you like a realistic view on love, then check this out.

9) Paradise Kiss
Probably the first jmovie I’ve ever watched. This is the movie that made me fall in love with Mukai Osamu and jmovies/jdramas. The chemistry and tension between the two leads, the flow, and dialogue made this one of my favorite jmovie of all-time. When I first watched this, I was so in awe of Kitagawa Keiko’s beauty and poise, especially since she was a model in this movie. Plus, this movie is where I first saw Kaku Kento who looked bad ass with piercings. Go give this movie a try!

10) My Rainy Days
I gave this movie a try because it had some great reviews and I did not regret it. I love this movie. It makes you question life, love and yourself. It makes you believe in soulmates and love at first sight. If you’re looking for a movie that’s going to make you believe that love is real, then watch this.

Suzaku’s Geass

Why not make another sequel for “Code Geass” which shows Suzaku’s efforts to keep the world in peace? What if he has received a Geass himself? I imagine he would a appreciate a power that would stop people from quarreling or even fighting in his vicinity.

And once he has reached level 3 with both eyes permanent, would his “live!” order force him to obtain the immortality code immediately after he meets his Geass donator again? Or will he be able to control the order’s influence finally? Immortal Suzaku, literally a Knight of Justice forevermore - it’s a tempting idea.

It’s the game where the one who displays affection first, gives up total control and goes aound like a dog on a collar”. Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney has such a handsome face!)

Her: “You know why the sky is blue?

Him: Because the reflection from the sunshine causes…

Her: Wrong! It’s to make me happy. I wanted it to be blue, so it’s blue. You know why fire is hot? It’s all for me. I wanted it to be hot, so it’s hot. You know why we have four seasons here in Korea?

Him: For you?

Her: Correct.”

“I fell in love love with him. If it could make me beautiful, to be better I tried to do it and tried. He made me use the love in a good way”

“There is no first love for women. For a woman, the first love is not the first man she loved but the first memory of the man she loves now”

There are strange rumors about my sister. She is a demon. One bad deed every day is her motto. One day I will bring divine punishment down upon her. Will I never find a person who can make her cry?

Top 5 of my favorite Asian movies/dramas