tv: seigi no mikata

It’s the game where the one who displays affection first, gives up total control and goes aound like a dog on a collar”. Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney has such a handsome face!)

Her: “You know why the sky is blue?

Him: Because the reflection from the sunshine causes…

Her: Wrong! It’s to make me happy. I wanted it to be blue, so it’s blue. You know why fire is hot? It’s all for me. I wanted it to be hot, so it’s hot. You know why we have four seasons here in Korea?

Him: For you?

Her: Correct.”

“I fell in love love with him. If it could make me beautiful, to be better I tried to do it and tried. He made me use the love in a good way”

“There is no first love for women. For a woman, the first love is not the first man she loved but the first memory of the man she loves now”

There are strange rumors about my sister. She is a demon. One bad deed every day is her motto. One day I will bring divine punishment down upon her. Will I never find a person who can make her cry?

Top 5 of my favorite Asian movies/dramas