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Let me tell you why suddenly I'm completely relaxed about why Robin hasn't contacted Regina, though not about WHY. (Spoilers)

There was SO much focus on cell phones and technology and communication, that now theres’s definitely a reason WHY Robin hasn’t talked to Regina in six weeks. 

There are spoiler pictures already of Rumple and Robin talking in NYC. We don’t know if that’s the beginning of the six weeks or near the end, but what is one thing we know for sure about Rumple? He’s always prepared. He’s prepared for anything. Including the Queens of Darkness possibly turning against him, pairing up with Regina to take him down, even.

And so, having a nice little family and a man Regina loves hostage, well, the Dark One’s always known how to play Regina’s heart, hasn’t he?


Forgive me, Marian. I am not myself.

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart my Outlaw Queen family! Thanks to all of you guys, for the amazing fanarts, cute fluffy heart melting heartbreaking soul wrenching fanfics ;) for your theories, ideas, reblogs or just for showing your excitement for OQ. Hiatuses are always a torture, especially for us OQ shippers, but you make it easier and every fic I read or fanart I see or just posts talking about OQ put a smile on my face. :) I appreciate you all, for your positivity and your creative work and for just being so Fab. Thank you!!!

Show’s back tonight and I’m soooo excited! 

I’m looking forward to more Regina and for her to finally understand how worthy she is of the love, family and friends she has now and for her to love herself and find that happiness within first and then ofc with her loved ones as well ;) Can’t wait to see the Robin episode and learn more about him and his story.Soooo looking forward to the OQ reunion and OQ kisses and forehead touches and hair caressing and nose kisses and hugs. My babies djfjbajksnjsdkd <3 Can’t wait for the ILYs (cuz for sure we getting them this season and we gonna dieeeee!  So looking forward to the Mommy Regina scenes with her prince and also can’t wait to see my fave bitches, Cora Mills and Zelena and the Queens of Darkness.

This season gonna be great!

*Fingers Crossed* this finale will be different than the previous finales for our babies ;)

That’s all :p

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'I needed a drink after my shower but I forgot I opened the blinds and you just saw me naked' prompt please :)

Hey, so… Finally got around to this prompt… yay. 

I’m actually posting this one in two parts, first part now, second part within the next few days - probably when the hype dies down around all the new once stuff that we’re going to get because *Grumpy voice* “IT’S HEREEEEE!!!”

So yeah… 
This is the first part, the second will be decidedly smuttier ;)

Enjoy :)

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Favorite Characters 38/∞: Will Scarlett (Robin Hood)

Robin, I can’t let the Sheriff live! … My dad, he did it for me. He stood up to the Sheriff to prove himself to me!

For onceblog​ ( sticksofrawpasta​ ) as a reward for finishing her midterms…

Outlaw Queen AU:
Regina loses a bet and has to take archery lessons with someone in Mary Margaret’s reenactor group. 
Try as I might, I can’t seem to keep this to a length where I feel comfortable posting it in one part, so expect part 2/2 tomorrow afternoon. This is my first ever attempt at OQ fic, so please be kind

"Happy birthday, Mary Margaret." Regina handed her sister a card and pointed tothe pile of brown Ikea boxes stacked in the corner. "David said you needed a way to display your first editions, so we each bought you one."

 Mary Margaret opened the envelope to see a torn catalogue page, identifying the pile of boxes as 3 future sets of EXPEDIT shelves. Regina, her husband’s sister Emma, and her best friend and Ruby were all gathered in the living room of the house she shared with David. They were already 2 bottles of wine and half a cake into the casual celebration and everyone was settling in to their usual banter.

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