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He seemed exactly the same. He has still got a real magic to him and he’s every bit as eccentric and beautiful and weird as he always was. I’ve always been cognisant that I owed Aidan a huge debt of gratitude, being exposed to his level of craftsmanship and integrity at the start of my career. He was a very powerful guiding force to me.
—  Charlie Hunnam when asked what it felt like to be working with Aidan Gillen for the first time since Queer as Folk. (x)

On the set of Arthur, Hunnam was reunited on film for the first time in 15 years with his old Queer as Folk costar Aidan Gillen. “He was probably the most instrumental person in shaping my perception and process of the film business. He`s got such integrity and he`s so singular and uncompromising about what he wants his career to be and in pursuing that. To be exposed to that in my first-ever job, in my introduction to the business of film, was a really handy thing. Learning that lesson from him prevented me from having to learn it from my mistakes.”

Gillen sent him an email after they finished filming. “It was lovely actually”, he says. “Just saying, ‘It`s been really wonderful to be on set and watch you do your thing. You`ve grown up so much and been leading on set’” 

Charlie Hunnam on his reunion with Aidan Gillen in his interview for VMan magazine September 2015 

There was a famous scene where I showed Charlie Hunnam, who played Nathan, what rimming was all about. Filming that took a lot of trust. But the sex was an essential part of the character and the drama, and I always saw it as a story of empowerment. In the past 15 years I’ve met a lot of people – men and women – who said Queer as Folk helped them get their confidence. I’m pretty proud of that.
—  Aidan Gillen on Queer as Folk (x)

Stuart/Vince Signs:  They’re Sleeping Together, Okay?


DISCLAIMER: This post is entirely self-indulgent and probably preaching to the choir. But whatever. Without further ado, here’s are 15 pieces of “evidence” that make me think Vince and Stuart are sleeping together by the time the QAF epilogue scene occurs.


  1. Vince, who has NEVER TOLD ANYONE ALOUD HE FANCIES STUART (even though everyone knows, it’s not like it’s hard to see), TELLS STUART THAT HE HAS HISTORICALLY FANCIED HIM IN THEIR “GOODBYE” CLUB SCENE. I can’t overstate how important it is that Vince expresses what he has wanted aloud. Stuart’s known Vince is attracted to him, but he’s never had that clear/explicit an indication, and we know he’s constantly trying to get Vince to own up to shit on his own. So I think that would spur Stuart to act, combined with…
  2. Stuart effectively listed one of them sleeping together as one of his conditions for them leaving together (and they do leave together)
  3. The fact that the epilogue is preceded basically by them driving off into the sunset together; classic rom-com trope
  4. RTD has said that to him, driving off into the background in a jeep was a formative moment when he knew that two queer characters in a previous TV show were sexually active
  5. Vince taking Stuart’s hand, when Vince has previously never initiated physical contact unless Stuart was already in a bad mood–also Vince is both initiating SUPER-couple-y physical contact (which Stuart is fine with!!) and also starting a fight against someone homophobic–meaning they’re on more equal terms, to the extent that VINCE is now taking the lead. Something major has changed in their relationship/dynamic
  6. Their matching outfits (button down t-shirts and glasses); they’re in sync
  7. The colors of those matching outfits mean they support each other
  8. Stuart tells Vince “blood,” which both means he’s threatening the homophobic man who’s just insulted them, but ALSO that he’s calling back to his worry from the wedding scene with Hazel that he isn’t attracted to Vince (”If you fancy him, there’s blood, there’s a hard-on”). RTD doesn’t mince words, and he’s certainly not implying that Stuart has a hard-on for this jerk who’s calling them names. So, even though the timing and circumstances are odd, what’s TOTALLY also happening here is that Vince says “What do you think?” and Stuart responds: “*code word that means I’m aware I’m attracted to you*”
  9. This ties into the gun imagery that’s coded as sexual during the slow dance in this episode. (Not surprising; guns are often a phallic metaphor.)
  10. Stuart LETS VINCE TALK HIM DOWN. They’ve got a good cop/bad cop routine and they’re both thrilled with it. Please note that this answers Stuart’s s1 rhetorical question he asks before getting into the shower with Nathan in the pilot: “Why does nobody stop me?”
  11. That little hip-twitch Stuart does in Vince’s direction when Vince teases him “maybe next time” and Vince’s totally nonplussed reaction. Like it’s more cute than sexual, but it betrays a level of physical comfort together I don’t think they’ve had before when they were both sober.
  12. THEIR COORDINATED TURN AWAY FROM THE CAMERA like that had to be timed and choreographed so it happened in perfect unison; that’s meant to show us that they’re perfectly comfortable, that they’re physically coordinated together; that is a Thing.
  13. The open sky in the background indicates that Vince feels free and happy; Stuart sleeping with him would certainly help boost his self-esteem and lower his inhibitions (which we see evidence of in his behavior).
  14. Those rumors about Vince and Stuart? “All of them true.”
  15. RTD knows whether or not they’re sleeping together, even though he never says it in the show. But LOOK AT ALL THE WAYS HE INDICATES YES.


AKA They’re sexually active; fight me.


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