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Extra Credit (DC TV)

So that one post got surprising responses (that is- any).  Hope this is everything people were expecting it to be.

Title: Extra Credit
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1743
Characters: Len, Mick
Summary: Leonard tries to negotiate a better grade with his distractingly sexy teacher.

It wasn’t Leonard’s style of bar in the slightest- overpriced, music a little too melancholy, lighting trying too hard to mimic jazz lounges from period movies and the patrons either overly put together or too exhausted to care. On the plus side, those were also the same reasons why no students came in despite its proximity to the local college. That, in turn, was why the teachers from said college came here, for alcohol or company.

And, just as Leonard was hoping, there was the man he was looking for: Mick Rory, professor of physical chemistry and current ban of Leonard’s existence. Not only was his scholarship in jeopardy due to his grade in that class, his grade was so bad solely because Rory was so… distracting. Leonard wasn’t certain why he was so captivated by the man, more awkward looking than conventionally handsome with his large, thick glasses that even hipsters would avoid and tweed suits that looked cut in the 70’s. But bad suits couldn’t hide the breadth of Rory’s shoulders and the glasses didn’t obscure the warmth in Rory’s face when he actually smiled. Not to mention, when Rory got worked up teaching, he had a tendency to throw off his jacket- and Leonard had not ever thought suspenders attractive until that semester -and roll up his sleeves, revealing thickly corded forearms. Plus the hilarious and biting retorts he made when a student was being deliberately obtuse or disruptive. Leonard really couldn’t find himself at fault for spending more time fantasizing about how those big hands would feel on his skin than on any lecture.

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