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Athena Parthenos (Ancient Greek: Ἀθηνᾶ Παρθένος; literally, “Athena the Virgin”) is a lost massive chryselephantine (gold and ivory) sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena, made by Phidias and his assistants and housed in the Parthenon in Athens. Its epithet was an essential character of the goddess herself. A number of replicas and works inspired by it, both ancient and modern, have been made.

A modern copy by Alan LeQuire stands in the reproduction of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. LeQuire, a Nashville native, was awarded the commission to produce the Parthenon’s cult statue. His work was modeled on descriptions given of the original. The modern version took eight years to complete, and was unveiled to the public on May 20, 1990.

The modern version of Athena Parthenos is significant because of its scale and its attention to recreating Phidias’ work. The statue adds an additional dimension of realism to the replicated Parthenon, whose interior east room (the naos) was merely a large empty hall prior to the statue’s unveiling. The reproduced Athena Parthenos gives visitors the impression that they truly are inside an ancient place of worship.

The Nashville Athena Parthenos is made of a composite of gypsum cement and ground fiberglass. The head of Athena was assembled over an aluminum armature, and the lower part was made in steel. The four ten-inch H beams rest on a concrete structure that extends through the Parthenon floor and basement down to bedrock, to support the great weight of the statue. LeQuire made each of the 180 cast gypsum panels used to create the statue light enough to be lifted by one person and attached to the steel armature.

Nashville’s Athena stands 12.8 m tall, making her the largest piece of indoor sculpture in the Western World.

Source: Wikipedia

This weekend I opted to go to The Soda Parlor’s grand opening in Nashville to meet Olan Rogers instead of going on Wesley’s fall retreat. I made this decision because Olan is so inspirational to me and I desperately needed some inspiration. The morning of meeting him I was so nervous on the way there. When we arrived there was a line, but it wasn’t nearly as long as I anticipated (we did get there an hour and a half early though). Olan’s friend Coty offered us donuts and coffee as we waited. Then the doors were opened and the line started moving. When my sister and I got to the very front Coty took selfies with us (he may have had a small crush on my sister). Finally it was time to go in. Olan was almost right inside the door and I tried to calm my nerves as we waited for him to finish taking pictures with the people that were in front of us in line. When they were done I handed my camera to the person Olan had taking pictures and asked Olan if I could get a hug before we took a photo. He said yes, of course. Then I took a photo with him and so did my sister. After that we moved on to looking at clothes and buying soda. I was terrified that I had just driven close to 8 hours to take a photo and not get to have a chat with one of my heroes. 

My sister and I bought our clothes and sodas and I noticed that Olan was outside chatting with some people, so my sister and I made our way outside. We waited while he took photos and talked to the people in front of us. After they were done I walked up to Olan and said “We already took photos, but I just wanted to come introduce myself.” I told him my name and introduced him to my sister. He gave me a hug and gave us signed posters. We then talked about the soda I had chosen (apparently I knew what was up by buying Colorado Cola). He thanked us for coming out and I told him thank you for his videos. He said that I was sweet and gave me another hug. When he asked us what we thought of the shop my sister told him that she thought it was cute and he immediately started joking about the word she had chosen. I laughed so hard and it was surreal to be laughing with him in person instead of at a video he had made. I told him we would make our Yelp review that it was cute and then we left. 

For the rest of that day and on our way home this morning all I could think of was all the things I didn’t do with Olan. I didn’t take a slefie with him, I didn’t have him call my friend Ben, I didn’t ask him what his tatoo meant, I didn’t tell him how important he was, etc. I was worried that I had wasted my opportunity to meet him, that other people had had more of a connection with him. When I got home I told my best friend about my worries and she told me how amazing it was that I went up to talk to him. I’m incredibly shy, I could have let us take a photo and that be it, but I was brave and I went to introduce myself. I reminded myself that I have the capability to be bold and unafraid. 

All in all, I’m so glad that I went to meet my hero this weekend. He has been an inspiration to me since his “Eat a Slice With Me Documentary” and it was an honor to meet him and his friends. His kindness is so genuine and his refusal to give up is so admirable. Olan thank you for this weekend and congratulations on your soda parlor. I hope to meet you again so that I can do all the things I didn’t get to do this time. Whatever you decide is next, I got your back. 

Goodnight Guys🌙💤

Just finished putting my new number on a few more pictures lol soooooo tired 😴😴😴 I’m about to get some sleep I’ll be up at 5☀️☕️🥞 and I’ll be available all day and night 😘 if you’d like to spend some time with me just text📲615-497-3912💬 I’ll be adding new pictures soon I can’t wait to show you guys my new hair (lol it’s not that much different just a small change-no worries lol) so keep your 👀 open lol goodnight guys 🌙💤 sweet dreams 💋


Went to Beeeeeeehehehelmont. T'was very nice indeed. I feel like every time I say Belmont I have to do it with the snootiest accent I can muster up. “Dahhling shall we away to Beeeelmont this fine evening in our Rolls-Royce?”

It’s a beautiful campus, and that is an understatement. 

Seamus and I wanted to check out Bongo Java which was a very cute coffee shop and was in an old house. We had the Fancy Grilled Cheese and it was an amazing orgasm in your mouth. Speaking of orgasm, check out that table!