tv: merlin [2]


This is the Tropes vs. Fandom presentation in its entirety that momo gave on Saturday, Oct 15th at COiNELOT.

You can download the complete presentation with notes here.

Thank you to everyone who sat through this presentation, and contributed to it! It was a pleasure to discuss the relationship dynamic of Merlin and Arthur with you!

PS: If anyone catches any mistakes: Well done! Let @momotastic27 know and she’ll edit the slide(s).

Thanks to @ilonavic who tagged me (so exceptionally :D). For and of course I haven’t done this yet. I didn’t do anything you didn’t tag me in yet.

● Relationship status: I’m totally seeing someone, either fictional or unaware

● Favourite color: I’ll be boring but green

● Lipstick or Chapstick: uhmmm… none?

● Last song I listened to: … I guess it’d be something which title I don’t know, but something from “Jazda na zamek. Musical krzyżacki.” (”Go to the castle! Musical of Teutonic Knights” would be the translation I guess? It is really… well, Polish); jeśli jesteś olsztyniakiem lub kimkolwiek z okolic to naprawdę polecam.

● Last movie I watched: The Wave

● Top three TV shows:
1- Merlin
3-Danny Phantom
(oh yeah, I’m all for serious series which have huge fandom just so I can enjoy countless fanfictions and fanarts, hooray)

● Top three four (it was like this, wasn’t it?) characters:
1- Jaskier/Dandelion
2- Quicksilver
3- Cisco Ramon
4- Gabriel Reyes
(Like they’re all so important to me? And there’s one person from everything: book, game, series, film, so yeah, it’s fine, right? I was stron anyway, I wanted to add at least 3 more characters :D)

● Top three ships:
1- Priscillion (I keep seeing everyone calling them Danscilla but I fairly believe it’s Priscillion, with “lion” not like in “Dandelion”, more like in “Silmarillion”. Yeah, whatever.)
2- Sizzy (they were actually my first OTP ever and I kinda grew out of The Mortal Instruments but I still think I should mention them as they’re still really important to me)
3- Gency

This turned out weirder than it was supposed to… D: