tv: merlin

I love the fact that Merlin was allowed to cry. He didn’t just get the typical single little man tear rolling slowly off a melancholy face. This character was SO good because he cried and wept and sobbed. He was ugly when he cried. His face was all scrunched up in sorrow when he cried. This character was REAL when he cried. We need more boys that cry. 

Why does every show have to have some big underlying plot scheme?

I miss Sam and Dean against the world in a chevy impala (“bitch!” “Jerk!”)

Sherlock and John at Baker Street, solving cases left and right (“the game is on!”)

The doctor and his companion, a man older than time and a pure soul saving the world(s) (“come along ponds!”)

Merlin rescuing Arthur with well timed and carefully concealed magic (“clotpole!”)

I miss when things were simple.

Me on tv shows
  • Me: This show is HORRIBLE it will take your emotions, stomp on them, chop them up, shoot them 84 times with a bazooka, throw them in a blender, eat them (without silverware!), shit them out and then tHROW THEM IN YOUR FACE
  • Friend: ...
  • me: *watch a whole season in a day*
  • me: oh god what am I doing with my entire life ?!?!
  • me: *watch another episode*
Plot of Every Episode in Merlin

Giaus: Don’t do the thing.

Merlin: *suggests the thing to Arthur*

Arthur: We do not have the resources to do the thing.

Merlin: *talks to dragon about how to do the thing*

Arthur: *on the brink of death*

Merlin: *does the thing*

Arthur: *gets all the credit*

Giaus: You idiot! You could’ve died, or even worse: you could’ve been caught!