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SOS from the 2 Dummies Express!

Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you! The winds were high and the currents strong. After renting a kayak we learned that paddling to the next island over may not always be as easy as it looks, especially when your kayak capsizes!

No worries though, we made it home safe and sound. 

The best part of the whole experience was Angie trying to angrily explain to the Indonesian man who rented us the kayak (and spoke very little english) how dangerous it was out there. Here’s pretty much how it went down:

Indo Man: Fun?

Angie: It was too windy out there! We flipped in the middle!

Indo Man: You girls strong!

Angie: Well, good! Cause we probably would have died!

Indo man: Yes, yes! Fun!

It really made the whole adventure worthwhile. 


Tech N9ne - Fragile (Ft. Kendrick Lamar, Mayday, Kendall Morgan)

  • 將軍令
  • 五月天
  • 黃飛鴻電影主題曲


Mayday 五月天《將軍令》

I love Mayday cause I don’t have to beg them for an album, because they will surprise me with amazing music here and there throughout the year. DAMN THIS IS AMAZING!!! I love Mayday and history related music, cause lyrics is a work of art! Yet it’s always so passionate, full of enthusiasm and energy to move forward. AND YAY~~~ Finally a cpop song I can add to my playlist I can loop for ages!!! 


Mayday五月天 [ 將軍令Your Legend ] Official Music Video-電影「黃飛鴻」主題曲


Tech N9ne (@TechN9ne) | “Fragile” | Ft. Kendrick Lamar (@KendrickLamar) Kendall Morgan (@K3ndallmorgan) ¡MAYDAY! (@maydaymusic)

Two of the most notorious underground artists, Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar completely murdered this beat alongside a gorgeous hook by Kendall Morgan &  ¡MAYDAY!
On another note, this visual is very bittersweet. It puts bullying under a microscope. I don’t know why society is so quick to pull out their phone to record someone getting their ass beat or bullied, but so slow to intervene the bullying. I hope this video will open eyes to bullying, and it will slow it down if not stop the bullying.

My Personal Favorite Bar(s):

Tech N9ne:
“Critics are really the enemy and I

Can’t stand the way they slam today’s gifted

Effin’ incredible, get fanned away with grands to pay

This jam will lay scripted

Deaf and impeccable

Write a rhyme and I put everything in a flow

I’m the N9ne I'mma look very mean

When a foe scribe a line but he has never been at a show”.

Kendrick Lamar:
“Tell me that I’m famous

Tell me that my name is

Big as Venus Jupiter and then Uranus

Tell me that your anus got your head in it

I can smell the articles and know you’re heinous

Tell me that you love me, always thinkin’ of me

Unconditional, I’m hoping I’m your favourite

Grab a fishing pole and throw me with the sharks

That’s the feelin’ I get when you’re concentratin’

On this pen, on this pad

Tell me you’re willin’ to diss on my craft

Tell me the feelin’ of pickin’ apart this track


Puttin’ my heart and my soul in these lines

Tellin’ me platinum and gold all the time

Lookin’ to bury, a deep hole for mine


- James