tv: masterchef

every type of american cooking show contestant
  • the amateur chef that likes to cook for fun and doesn’t know how they made it that far into the show
  • the struggling chef with a tragic backstory
  • the loud italian that won’t stop making italian food and announcing that they’re italian every chance they get
  • the chef that’s only good at making desserts and panics when it’s an entrée
  • the southern chef that goes on about fried chicken, sweet potatoes, pies, corn, and their family of 40 all the time
  • the care-free charismatic chef that’s just there for the experience and is okay with going home
  • that one chef that always does everything last minute and can’t manage their time even if their life depended on it
  • the chef that’s always safe and never wins anything and then the one time they try and do something different they get eliminated
  • the one stressed-out chef that never knows what the hell they’re doing but manages to succeed and pull-through with their dish every time
  • the overconfident hardcore chef that wants to destroy everybody there and tries to cheat if they get the chance
  • the asian chef that makes delicious dishes and plates them in a gorgeous way every time
  • the edgy chef with tattoos up and down their arms that no one really has a problem with
  • an extremely experienced chef that shouldn’t even be there
  • the chef that won’t stop taking risks and putting twists on all of their dishes
  • the chef that we barely get to know and gets eliminated first and can barely remember that they ever existed by the end of the show
  • the hipster that always talks about their blog/food photography and gives an “urban” and “rustic” look to all of their dishes for aesthetic and sometimes names their dishes too
  • that one chef that’s a klutz, won’t stop messing up almost every single one of their dishes, always forgets ingredients, and completely doesn’t belong there yet somehow made it farther than most people for no reason whatsoever
  • the californian chef that won’t stop making mexican food and seafood
  • the foreign chef that’s just excited to be on the show
  • that one vegan/vegetarian chef that complains a lot
  • the mom that has kids at home and won’t stop mentioning how she’s cooking for them

So Catherine will be on the 3rd May ep of Masterchef. Set your DVRs and such!

‘SUMMARY The MasterChef semi-finals continue, as the eight remaining cooks head to the BBC studios in Elstree, where they are tasked to cater for the cast and crew of the drama Holby City. Split into two teams, the competitors must create two main courses and a dessert in less than four hours. After, John and Gregg decide which team will return to the MasterChef kitchen to cook again in a special Invention Test.’ (RadioTimes summary)

This happened last Sunday night. “Masterchef” is one of the most watched TV shows in Spain and this year there’s a Basque contestant - from Gipuzkoa, remember our rant because RTVE insists on writing it “Guipúzcoa”?

Well, this lady said that she was cooking “txerri-jana”, a Basque word that means “pigs food”, this is, a very disgusting, bad-quality food. In the screen cap you can see how the show wrote it: CHORRIJANA. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK.  Subtitles are written because they want to stress the meaning of that “strange word” the lady is using BY WRITING THE WORD WRONGLY.

When some contestant uses English or French words or expressions, they’re correctly written. When it’s something in Euskara, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a language they respect enough to write correctly.

UPDATE: We just sent a complaint to RTVE Viewers Relations for this because, to add insult to injury, in that same show a girl said she used a “roosh” sauce that they correctly wrote in French as “roux”. WTF, these things infuriate us SO MUCH.