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Hc's for Koumeis first time doing the do with his s/o if that's okay? Don't need to go into much detail :")

Well, it came out long and I kept it more on the fluff side. Hope it´s okay for you

  • I´m not eve sure, if Koumei would be the first one to attempt that important step in their relationship
  • like, he´ll be legitly scared
  • it´s always told how the guys made the step and ask their partner if it´s okay for them
  • but in this case, he has to ask that question to himself
  • is he ready? Maybe, but what will he do? How will things go? What can go wrong?
  • he does not want to ask one of his brothers, that´s not even an option
  • cause a.) Kouha would tell every.little.detail that will surely leave him even more stressed out b.) Kouen will bring out this terrible books or objects, that he used when he gave the others the talk and he does not want to hear or see that again! c.) he is not that close to Hakuryuu and Koumei is sure that he is the same as him- pure
  • and Judal? No
  • he wants to find some useful tipps in some scrolls or books
  • but nahhh, all that there is… are some detailed books with nudes and positions- you get the idea of what he had found
  • to sum it up:
  • Koumei will make sure that he is mentally prepared to take that step
  • he´ll make sure that his s/o´s ready as well
  • has the fluffiest blankets on his bed, some candles with his lovers favorite scents and the scrolls that he shoved off of his desk in some corner
  • the place should be comfy and private, right?
  • he´ll be nervous as fu** and will be his gentle self when it slowly gets heated
  • he even thinks off stopping, but the new emotions that seemed to swirl in his lovers darkened eyes, made something in him switch
  • he forgets his worries and does something that he once heard: stop thinking and just feel
  • and so he does

Day 22: Magiverse Fashion

@moonyhime‘s Magi Inktober

I’ve been wanting to draw this since August. At that time, I didn’t feel like my skills would prove it justice. This was inspired by @iimuchakk‘s imagine that can be found here. I thought it was appropriate that screaming Sinbad is the next picture in my sketchbook (´∀`)
Sinbad no Bouken 161: The Bond Between 2 People - Translation by Captain Imgur
By Imgur

In which Ohtaka takes a moment to point out that Pipirika is also a badass warrior princess. Also a disturbing reminder of something else but nevermind that. 😐

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Hey ele ! I was just thinking wouldn't it be nice if we come up with quotes or IDK a famous line for magi ??I'm wondering what will you choose ! 💜

Mmm, how about everyone sharing their favourite quote?

In my case, I really don’t have one, but Sche’s last words when passing the torch stuck with me (”My role ends here. I leave the future of this world to you”).

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If there epilogue for magi. Do you know if It will be in the magazine or in the final volume?

Both are possible, but since by now vol.37 has surely been completed, if it’s not there the chances of it ever existing are significantly lower.

Who knows… we will see what happens.

Me VS Fanfictions
  • me: nah I don’t like romance novels they’re so predictable and sappy
  • me: reads fanfiction of OTP falling in love in 347 different ways
10 Voices of Kimura Ryouhei

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