tv: mad dogs


where else you can see the cast of band of brothers ⤔ marc warren

band of brothers - albert blithe
mad dogs - rick
green street hooligans - steve dunham
hustle - danny blue
jonathan strange & mr norrell - the gentleman
the good wife - nick saverese


nailed it

HEY LOOK I CAN FINALLY POST THIS. (been sitting on my comp for weeks now taunting me. << )

This was my contribution to the johnsimmbirthdayproject, because Simm and his work is a crazy inspiration for me for numerous reasons. u///u

…Which probably sounds weird coming from a comic artist, but w/e. ¯\(ツ)


Bless the person who made the decision to start close on a tanned, stubbled, bare-chested PGlen <3


Hmmm…a crime show starring some sweaty blokes? Okay, I’ll watch it.