tv: la complex


“I was raised to be tough, to not take anything from anyone. It’s a lonely way to walk through this world.I spent my whole life trying to impress you. Trying to please you. All it did was make me hate you. Hate myself. And when I finally found someone who loved me - who I thought I could love back it made me hurt them. Hurt them so they could never unhurt. I tore that love a part and myself a part with it. I have wanted to die because I can not be who I wanted to be. Because, I can not be who you wanted me to be. But, I couldn’t die anymore than I could live. I’m tired of being here in this place that feels like no where. Tired of caring what people think about me. I’m tired of being afraid. I’ve met someone who makes me want to breathe in this world again. And, I will not hold my breath a second longer. None of these lies I’ve told have made me stronger. None of the secrets I kept made me happier. So, I’m gonna try something else now. I’m gonna try telling the truth. My truth. My name is Shawn Doogan, A.K.A Kaldrick King, A.K.A. The King of California. I’m gay.”


The L.A. Complex” - The bad news is that this show’s been cancelled so don’t get too attached to the characters.  But the good news is that the gay storyline is all up on YouTube.  

The story centers around Kaldrick King - a famous rapper that’s trying to record a comeback album and keep a lock on his closet doors.  Kal quickly falls for Tariq, a guy who works for his recording studio.  And nothing will ever be the same again.