tv: keeping up with the kardashians

My TV screwed up with the show titles like

how can you screw up this bad

I dont even know what its suppossed to say



my personal favorite


look its my favorite super hero the chicken Spider-Man

how do you even screw up this badly????

like how even

orphan black???????

can we replace the kardashians tv show with keeping up with the obamas because i’m gonna miss them a lot and i still wanna know what they’re doing all the time. how are the dogs? where does the family travel? what sort of hobbies has michelle taken up in addition to captivating the world with her intelligence, grace, and charm? what are the girls accomplishing? is obama still flirting with biden??? i need to know

This week, in Fandometrics...

Welcome to earth, babies

  • (Anime & Manga) Owari No Seraph makes its debut into this Fandometrics world as a healthy, bouncing No. 18.
  • (Ships) Yoonseok (Bangtan Boys’ Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok) was dropped off by the stork at No. 19.
  • (Movies) The Dark Tower, the cinematic interpretation of Stephen King’s labor of love, dropped a trailer and came out at No. 18.
  • (TV) In the beginning….American Gods debuted at No. 18.
  • (Web Stuff) danisnotonfire has been knocked off his throne at No. 1 by…Daniel Howell. It’s true, folks. He’s all grown up and no longer on fire.

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On the rise

  • (K-Pop) VIXX leaps five spots to No. 8. Twice jumps an appropriate two spots to No. 9. New music is just around the corner. But don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.
  • (TV) A steaming hot Steven Bomb was dropped on Cartoon Network’s app, catapulting Steven Universe up to No. 3
  • (Music) Niall Horan gains a stunning thirteen spot lead over last week thanks to Slow Hands (his song, not Eric Clapton). Bad girl RiRi basically won this year’s Met Gala, which is why you can catch her at No. 3.

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We all fall down

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okay but speaking of,

you will never convince me that half of Phichit Chulanont’s instagram videos aren’t just variations of him and Yuuri trying out some new jump at the rink and saying “hi, this is so-and-so, and welcome to jackass”

the wipe outs??? incredible.

Ok but a Keeping Up With The Kardashians style reality tv show about the Black family???? It would be called ‘Toujours Pur’ and it would be INCREDIBLE like Walburga would be draped across some expensive furniture sobbing and screaming about how her son is a disappointment and a traitor and about how she has done nothing but love him, and how could he do this to her???? does he not care about her nerves??? pausing occasionally to sip red wine with an anguished expression on her face, and then it would cut to Sirius talking to the camera like ‘All I said was that muggles aren’t all that bad’ 

Or they would all be in the dining room eating dinner and Walburga and Sirius are having a screaming row over the fact Sirius had snuck out to see James last night and Sirius would turn to Regulus and point at him dramatically and be like ‘This is all your fault, you just had to go running to mummy and tell on me didn’t you?’ and then it would cut to Regulus talking to the camera like ‘He bribed me to tell on him. Arguing with our mother is one of Sirius’s top three favourite pass times’ and just oh my goD this entire family would be tv gold pls give it to me

I’m producing and starring in our Christmas special. All the grandkids got to audition for the shoot, Reign and Dream got a callback, but I only casted Reign. Big thanks to Kylie for taking this picture. Next year, your kid will get to be the first to audition.