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Nick Jonas (HC)

Just a little head canon for my love @cynderros

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Rating: PG there might be some mild language Idek sorry bbys

Summary: just a lil HC about the one (1) man we all know and love, Nick Jonas

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-I’m sorry but burnin up OR year 3000 would come on in the club and let’s be real you would never deny yourself a chance to dance to those Iconic™ Bops™
-so you and your crew are out on the dance floor jamming to the song when wtf
-literally nick Jonas is there a few feet from you out of nowhere
-like you start thinking maybe the song summoned him?!?

-so you nervously are stealing glances at him who’s trying not to smile too big at your dancing and lip syncing

-so as the songs ending the two of you make eye contact and you get up the bravery to mouth the lyrics to him but with a huge smile and finger guns and he can’t help but laugh and walk over as the songs ending.

-“so are you a jo-bros fan?” And he’s smiling and probably has a bit of a flush in his cheeks bc let’s be real no matter how long it’s been since nick started drinking it takes him a second to get fully acclimated to alcohol

-you just laugh and nod and try not to sound at all out of breath from the aggressive singing and dancing and you shoo away your friends prying eyes as best you can without embarrassing yourself

-“yeah, I mean how can you not jam to such a timeless work of art?” You question jokingly and nick laughs but shakes his head

-“the only thing timeless about our discography is how cringe-inducing our album covers were,”

-you can’t help but laugh

-“don’t worry, the early 2000s spared nobody, it was a rough time for all of us,”
-“would you like a drink?”

-you’re super caught off guard Bc THE Nick Jonas is offering you a drink

-obviously you say sure

-little do you know this becomes a pattern in your relationship, Bc nick is always wanting to make sure you’ve got everything you want/need especially when you guys are starting off your relationship

-“babe, do you want anything while I’m at the store? Should I pick you up any coffee on the way home?”

-ooh, have a seat babe, I’ll get the shower running for ya,”

-his brothers meeting you and trying to be subtle but completely failing and making super blatant “our baby bro is WHIPPED” jokes

-honestly you don’t mind Bc nick is cute when he blushes

-nick is in my mind very mature, and this means he’s ready to take responsibility for stuff that needs to get done and also for his actions

-he always is the first to say “I’m sorry” and never goes to bed mad

-also he doesn’t mind picking up the house or making sure errands get ran
-“it’s alright, I’ve got it baby girl,”

-he totally communicates/shows his love by acts of service and probably quality time spent with you and obviously gifts

-lots of super chill dates especially before your relationship is made public
-fans catching on so quick that you guys are together Bc nick can’t keep his mouth shut about you no matter how hard he tries

-not so subtle tweets with lovey-dovey emojis and super cute insta captions

-your wedding is SOOO low key

-only friends and family and nick couldn’t be happier Bc let’s face it he’s been famous all his life

-so he’s pretty much done being fawned over on a large scale like that

-and you’re perfect for him Bc you treat him like he’s normal

-he loves you more than anything and makes sure that you know that


-he’s not super into PDA so lots of subtle stuff

-squeezing your hand

-cute texts in the AMs and PMs

-he’ll stick up for you any day Bc he just wants everything to be wonderful for you Bc he’s so grateful for you keeping him grounded

-Nick Jonas just loves u okay


Joe & Stella were relationship goals 😀❤

Can we just appreciate the fact that Disney posted this on their Facebook page, acknowledging their previous shows instead of just dropping and forgetting about them in favor of their newer, less desirable ones?