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First Placement

Wow. It’s been months since I wrote here. Partly, it’s because I ended up not going before the board (and getting approved) until June, and partly it’s because by the time that happened, Jag’s case had deteriorated and her Team (which included me) was meeting every two weeks. There were more open CPS investigations, and Grandma, who had had physical custody for the past year, had been diagnosed with stage four lung and uterine cancer. I ended up making a quite possibly selfish decision, and asking the foster agency to place me on hold. Because I am only licensed for one placement, I was afraid to take on a child and then be unable to help Jag, whom I’ve known for two years. 

In the end, CPS investigations aside, nobody in the family (other than Grandma, who is incapacitated and dying) was willing to step up and assume responsibility for the girl. The court made the decision to remove, and she was placed with me yesterday afternoon. 

It’s a weird feeling. I am happy she is with me officially (I would often take her for unofficial respite), but it’s incredibly sad that this 15-year-old continues to bounce around, and that her family continues to not want her. I am unsure what the plan will be moving forward. I am guessing reunification will be the default, but I am worried there will be no one to reunite with. 


The Ultimate Jaguar E-Type is up for Auction

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve managed to stopped drooling over the heavenly set of pictures above. As you may have noticed by now, besides being passionate for and working in men’s fashion, I’m quite the petrolhead (thank you dad). As such, when I got this email it literally seemed like time has stopped…

Up for auction next August, is none other than Team Cunningham’s 1963 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Competition Coupé. As if a regular E-Type wasn’t enough to get your blood running, this one in particular makes for a superb piece of automotive history: it actually ran the 1963 24H of Le Mans, along with the Road America 500 and the Bridgehampton 500. 

It will be auction by Bonhams later this August.