tv: hollyoaks

Wanna know my favourite kiss in all of TV history?

It’s this kiss

It’s the most adorable kiss. And the context only makes it cuter.

James obviously left the show and went to Emmerdale for a bit. The moment I found out he wasn’t in Emmerdale anymore I went straight to Bryan Kirkwood and said, ‘Please can we get James back, I’ve always wanted to be a McQueen!’. He was like, 'Right, leave it with me and let’s see what happens’. And now it’s happened. So I’m buzzing about it. Although they keep messing about with the scripts saying they might use both of our surnames and call themselves McHay. But I want to be a McQueen. Who doesn’t want to be a McQueen?

Kieron Richardson

So cute, haha!

So McHay was the plan all along when they brought JP back. Puts JP/Ste’s early scenes into context.


Brendan Brady + Prison

I’ve been hearing this, this noise all day. And I finally figured out what it is. “Silence.” No more sounds of grown men screaming threats or crying for their mammies. I almost forgot what it sounded liked, silence. It's– it’s… nice.