tv: him and her

Years from now, can you promise me something?“ She said, fiddling with her fingers.

“Anything babe.” He responded, looking up at her.

“I know that we can’t make this work right now.
You’re getting your life together while I have no idea what I’m doing with mine. We both have growing up to do and it’ll just be better if we don’t complicate anything.
But just promise me one thing.
Promise me that when we get older and we’re finally ready, it will be you and me. No matter how far, we’ll find each other…. promise?” She nervously gulped as he approached her.

“Baby, I’ll never stop looking.” He whispered, holding her like he could lose her at any second.

—  It might not be the right timing now, but it will be later on.
Today he woke up to the heaviest pour. He never really liked the sound of the pouring rain. But it all slowly faded away, as he turned to the small figure curled up next to him. Gently, with a finger, he brushed a few long strands of hair away from her delicate face. He watched her sleeping face with his head resting on his right hand, his right elbow on the pillow he slept on. And with a smile he thought, rainy days never felt so good.
—  Lukas W. // Rainy days with her
I wish we could go back to that night. Where you held my hand. Where you spun me around in circles and danced with me under the stars. Where you pulled me close and cuddled with me like it was just us in the world. I want to go back just one more time. To feel your love one more time. To remember one more time how it felt to be in your arms. To remember you looking at me like I was your world.
—  I could wish for it a million times but I can’t go back to in time.
Him and Her

He is cool minded.

She is hot headed.

He is tall

She is short

He is educated

She is well informed.

He is adjusting.

She is stubborn

He has sick twisted sense of humor

She loves sick twisted sense of humor

He is good listener.

She talks a lot

He is depressed.

She is a good motivator.

He always try to make her laugh.

She always put gesture above anything else.

He is single?

She is single….

He likes her

She loves him.

I have decided to eat memories
My bones will give them home
Till they have rested, and my mouth will
Welcome them to its roof,where
They will dissolve into a foam that froths
From me in in moments of absolute anger,
They will float through my blood,keeping
Me invested on the days none of my
Parts wish to sing to me,murmuring of
the music they bought to me when I asked
For their company. They will snake
Into my eyes when I’m asleep, biting down
the soft warm mush behind them till the
Difference between them and me is
Is that if just shape-they will leave me
A broken ouroboros,nibbling at myself.
For memories are all I think I’ll have left
Of Us.
Of You.