tv: figure it out

“You know, you said that you don’t know what kind of person you are. I think you should figure that out.

You can almost hear the unspoken, “Because, I’ll be waiting here for you when you do.” Because she has always known what kind of person he is. But now she understands why he’s made some of the choices he has. So when he finally is able to see himself as she does, nothing will be in their way. We’re almost to the promised land, fam.

Stop. Don’t say that. Don’t flirt with me when we don’t know what’s real and what’s a joke. You know what I want. So what do you want? Because you can’t keep sitting here playing with my emotions. Figure it out. Do you want this? Do you want me? Because I sure as hell want you. So get it’s sorted out cause I’m not going to wait forever for you to decide if this is real.
—  Figure it out
Hurry up

I deserve to be loved and cherished.
I deserve to be enough for someone.
I deserve to be happy.
I deserve a happily ever after.

It’s not my issue any more. It never really was. Not this. I fixed my shit. I owned it and fixed it, STILL dedicated to be the best I can be. I’m
Never losing myself for someone ever again.

I’ll make someone ridiculously happy.
I’m cute.
I’m horny.
I’m sexually adventurous.
I can cook like a fucking chef when I want to.
I am devoted.
I work hard.
I’ve learned to also play hard.

anonymous asked:

I'm super confused about my sexuality. I at first thought I was bi, but then decided that I was a lesbian (although I prefer to say I'm gay) the thing is, I find guys attractive, I just don't want to date them??? I don't know what this means so I was just wondering if you could help me figure it out. Thanks.

This is actually what a lot of girls who like girls go through! I think it is to do with our heteronormative society and that fact is often brushed away and not taken seriously even though it can mess our thought process up alot as wlw. You can find anyone attractive or pleasing to the eye but that doesn’t mean you want to date them etc. Like I am not oblivious I can notice a good looking guy when I see one that doesn’t change the fact that I would never want him to get close to me etc. It’s really about questioning if you want to kiss/be intimate with a guy, are you attracted to them in every way. You are gonna have to figure it out for yourself because I cannot tell you your sexuality. It’s okay if it takes time or if you change your label. I know it is frustrating but it’ll be a relief once you figure it out. x Take your time.


You know what’s weird
Cishet people constantly applaud canon lgbt+ characters in media for not letting it effect their personality and for never bringing it up. Like remember when JK told everyone Dumbledore was gay and everyone had the biggest hard on for talking about how great it was that he never talked about it? Like “It’s so great! Like it shows what REAL gay people are like! Actual gay people don’t feel a need to bring it up! They don’t let it effect their personality! JK is a god because she’s showing everyone you can’t tell a gay person from a straight person!”
At the same time
They cannot fathom a character in media being lgbt+ without six explicit moments where they are Actively LGBT+. Like. Talking about queer headcanons with them is a trip. Like you can’t say Danny Fenton is trans without your inbox getting filled with people saying he can’t be trans because he never said he was trans. Pidge is trans. I mean does anyone remember how hard everyone had to try and prove Pearl was a lady lover? Like? And then you give them really good instances, like Orsino from dragon age is built on a female elf model and Danny Fenton’s clone is a girl. Pearl literally showed how much she loved Rose like every 27 seconds.
Basically I’m so confused because like here people are like screaming about how gay people are just like straight people and don’t talk about it and you can’t tell them apart
And on the other hand the same people are trying to tell me that you can tell they aren’t lgbt+ because they don’t explicitly say the Scripted Dialogue cishet people expect lgbt+ characters to say.
You guys.
You gotta pick one.
I mean I know you’re doing it because lgbt+ people make you uncomfortable on some level and you don’t want to like, deal with that
But I’m confused on your methods. Is it lgbt+ people are indistinguishable and can be everywhere as long as they don’t talk about it or do they have to like, explicitly have a scene where they’re sobbing as they come out and the cishet hugs them and tells them it’s okay and they proceeds to ask weird questions and the lgbt+ person goes on this like, journey through time of their horrible life?
You guys need to stick to your story because it’s falling apart and soon people will start seeing through it
Get your shit together