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Code Black

I watched this show with my mom who is a nurse and has worked in the ER and med surg floor for 30 years. When she saw the show she was silent she didn’t say a word even through the commercials. When the show ended she turned to me and said that was the most realistic portrayal of a hospital she has ever seen and that it will help a lot of adolescents who are thinking of going into the medical field if they are 100% in it.
She hopes the show stays like this and isn’t lost with unnecessary plot lines and love connections.

So, yesterday the Fiction Fest happened in Rome, and George Blagden was there for the screening of the first episode of Versailles. We waited for him outside the theatre to take pictures and get autographs. When it was my turn, I showed him the Aaron Tveit’s autograph I got when I went to see Assassins, telling him I am a musical theatre geek, and asked him to sign on the page beside.

First, he looked a little bit stunned, then he smiled and started caressing the page (I. SWEAR. I got witnesses.) and asked if he could sign below it. I was happy by then, but he had to go on and kill me : he drew a shaky heart and wrote Enjolras and Grantaire initials inside it. I swear I didn’t even mention the ship or the characters, he did it all by himself. And for that, I love him even more than before.

I’m so glad he’s such a nice person, so open with his fans, he took pictures with literally everyone, telling his agent he wanted to stay a little bit longer with us. We got him presents and letters and he was so pleased, constantly smiling and thanking everyone.

P.s. Captain Blagden, still going strong after three years.

Skam Obsession and it's consequences

• when you want to swear and everything that’s on your mind is fy faen!

• when you read even and everything that’s on your mind is. EVEN.

• when you just want to say nei instead of no and call everyone and everything drittsekk even though you don’t wanna insult them

• you read nora and you say noooooora

•you’ve got the urgent desire to shout ESKILD all.the.fucking.time