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Watching Doctor Who S5

Question: If Rory never existed how come River does?

Alright, fine. You’re right. There’s no point of me getting stuck in that line of thinking. Because the show’s already using a 100 variations of time-traveling patterns (plenty of them contradict each other), and yet everything gets sorted out with words like flux and fixed points of timeline. This is not even anything different.

But still. It’s not just an engagement ring or anything. It’s a full blown out living breathing ass-kicking paradox.

What, you say the show has already established the existence of that sort of stuff as well? Well, you’re right.

But then again. If Amy doesn’t remember Rory, wouldn’t that mean that River also forgot? And doesn’t the fact that she forgot she had a father (not his identity, his existence) makes it unreal and her nonexistent?

…or should I just shut up, and continue watching ‘The Pandorica Opens’ in silence?

Great. Thank you for the chat. :D