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please explain how your blog has the official approval of Miles Richardson i am desperate to hear the story behind this

This brings back a LOT of happy memories so I am more than glad to tell you ;)

A Few days  before I was going to see his play Sleuth in Nottingham for the first time, my friend Sophie bumped into Miles during her visit to the city there and she was shy to walk over to him but then she had the courage to go and talk to him and they got chatting, Sophie telling him what a wonderful actor he was and how much she enjoyed hearing him as Brax and he was rather surprised because people hardly come up to him in the streets and when they got talking about Brax, he brought up my blog and Sophie knew my url and was like wait…thats April! (I was in a long HR meeting that day and I remember going home on the bus and trying not to fangirl too hard when Sophie told me all the details!) and I could not stop grinning for days but then also had the moment of; omg what has he seen on my blog.

Then come to the night of when I saw Sleuth in Nottingham. The show was brilliant and then they did the Q&A with the cast and crew but all of a sudden, I got way too shy to ask a question and I never get shy over anything but the Q&A was highly enjoyable to learn more about the production and what went into the process of making the play Sleuth and by the time I had the courage to ask a question, the Q&A session was over so I turned to my dad saying; “That was an excellent show!” when my dad turned and pointed over to the fact that Miles himself was coming down from the actual stage and heading towards me, completely surprising myself and dad and without any introductions needed, he went, “Are you April? You’re my number one fan!” (NO KIDDING. I DIED)

Considering how tired Miles must be after Sleuth, he took the time to spend with me and my dad and show us around the set which is honestly one of my favourites as pictured below (though this was from Leeds this photo)

Then towards the end of our meeting, Miles turned to me and says he really enjoys my blog of what I post about him and Braxiatel and “To Keep up the excellent work.” on it.

It was a night that really made me happy after horrible weeks of working in HR that made me really down and Miles doing this for me and my dad is something I will always be entirely grateful for and will always continue to support him and admire him as an actor.