tv: days of our lives


Daytime Television has pioneered public awareness and health and social issues with programming that lifted stigmas and opened conversations. Conversations like those lead to action, action that saves lives. Daytime Television has taken on issues such as AIDS, alcoholism, mental health, marriage equality, SIDS, autism, homelessness, and cancer among so many others. Here’s just a small sampling of the many important social issues that have been addressed over the years on Daytime Television.

Classic SOD Cover Date: October 4, 1988

(top) Patsy Pease & George Jenesky (Kimberly & Nick, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(middle) James DePaiva, John Loprieno, & Andrea Evans (Max, Cord, & Tina, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)
(bottom) Robert Newman & Michelle Forbes (Josh & Sonni/Solita, GUIDING LIGHT)