tv: csi las vegas

Guys, we’ve been having a certain dilemma. As humans, you probably have heard of C.S.I. and all its series in different locations. Well, we can’t decide which show of the whole franchise we like the most.

I really like them all, but lately I re-watched the original CSI, and Gil Grissom is such a great main character. Also, showing a darker side of Las Vegas, beyond the lights and machines…

C.S.I. Miami is awesome! That Caine guy is cool and tough, and I want so much those sunglasses! I’d like to make… a spectacle. YEAAAAAH! I also like how some cases are moving and have happy endings…

I’m fond of C.S.I. New York, where the crew is practically a family, and the paralell investigations sometimes join into the same conclusive finale. Also, I really like how Danny and Lindsay become a couple… gives me hope of finding love.

All are policial TV shows, and have great main characters, but which one to choose?


Imagine you and your brother, Nick, working as Forensic Investigators, and you are secretly dating Greg. 

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Nick: *mutters through a smile* Why does Greg keep staring at you

You: *looking over at Greg and giving him a sly wink*

Greg: *Blushes*

You: Not sure big brother. I’m just fabulous, I guess *giggles*

Nick: *Chuckles*

You: *Walks off*

At the end of the day

You are walking to the locker room when you bump into Nick.

Nick: Oh, see you tomorrow little one. *Hugs you*

You: Night Nickie.

Nick: *walks out of the lab*

You: *Walk into the Locker room*

Greg: Ready? *stands up*

You: Yeah babe, *kisses Greg*

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