tv: classic who

Every time she walked into the BBC in the morning she was glared at by everyone because she had taken this tiny little program that wasn’t supposed to be a success and she’d made it the biggest thing on television! And all these people who thought they knew how television was made, hated her and would glare at her every day. Richard Martin said, ‘Verity dear, how do you manage it?’ And she said, 'Well I just buy a new hat every day and I assume they are looking at that!’
—  James Goss, recalling a story told by Richard Martin about original Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert

Can we please talk about how delighted The First Doctor is by everything?

No idea why he gets called grumpy. Your boy is pumped.

Shit that One Fucks with Heavy: The Keys of Marinus 1-2

1. Glass. Just glass. “Glass instead of sand, intriguing, intriguing my boy!”

2. Acid that about melted his grandkid’s feet. “A sea of acid, astonishing!”

3. Teleporters. Obviously. “Very compact and very neat sir, if I might say!”

4. Teleportation itself. On account of the teleporters. “How exhilarating!”

5. A pomegranate. He about loses his shit. “I say, is that a pomegranate!??”

6. Truffles. He is so pure. "Truffles?? I do believe they’re truffles! WELL WELL!“

7. Charming Young Men. ME TOO, PAL.“Charming young man, yes, charming!”

8. More with the glass. “Look at these exquisite glasses, Chesterton!”

9. A rusty mug. It’s literally a rusty mug that he picks up and acts like it’s a tool. IDK maybe he’s drunk. “If I can have instruments like these, I might be able to overcome the fault in the time mechanism on the ship!” JK he’s under hypnosis.