tv: being human (uk)


Guys, I seriously need to go to bed.

But I can’t stop watching this video.


This is now one of my favorite things ever.
Nick Cutler, 1950 by KindlyOnes

I made a thing. This show is over when I say it is. This goes with my other fic Five Years, but if you’ve seen the show, they both stand alone fine. Two chapters. Complete. I love reviews more than Cutler loves focus groups.

Summary: Nick Cutler wakes up on an expensive fainting couch after being called to meet a new client at the police station with only vague memories of a corridor with men in it. Something is amiss.

Characters: Nick Cutler, Hal Yorke

Warnings: blood, vomit

“Tom, if you’re reading this, then I’m dead. Somewhere in this house is a vampire. He’s the one I’ve always been searching for. He was there when I became this creature and tonight, I tried to kill him. If i had, I would have been able to stop. But I wasn’t doing this for me, or the man I killed two months ago, or even for your parents. This was for you…my Tom. This must be the final act. 

Tom, I want you to live a different life now-one that’s decent. You see, we’ve lost everything that was harmless and mundane. When I sat down to write this, I realized I’d forgotten how to hold a pen. It’s so long since I did something so ordinary. I was selfish. I turned you into a weapon for my own war. The things I’ve asked you to do, they make me ashamed. Let it end. I want you to be human now. Stop this chaotic, violent life. Make this the end of that story. 

I die tonight, but don’t avenge me. It’s getting dark, I have to go. Always know that I love you, Tom. I wish I really had been your father." 


I’ve recently finished watching Being Human for the fourth time I think, and I decided to make a collection of gifs dedicated to one of my favourite TV series ever. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but at least I tried. 

Being Human best moments 1/??

S01E01 - Flotsam and Jetsam