tv: ahs coven


Zoe was able to do all of The Seven Wonders. I feel like that means she was her generation’s Supreme. Cordelia was in her 30’s, she was apart of a separate generation. So, maybe Zoe was Cordelia’s successor. She performed the powers but she hadn’t mastered all of them yet. I wish we could get a spin-off of this season. So much stuff they could explore. Showing Queenie & Zoe teaching the new girls. Cordelia being in charge and dealing with her superiority. Kyle getting better and smarter. Other Voodoo descendants appearing. Backlash from the public for the knowledge of witches existing. And a lot more. It was said, when announced that Coven wasn’t going to be a spin-off, that it was because of an important character dying. That they were needed to continue the story. But I don’t think that’s true. The spin-off would have been great with just the characters left. Out of all 3 seasons, this was the one that could continue for another season.

Madison Montgomery was robbed of Supremecy.

Before any of you pea brains celebrate Cordelia being the Supreme. Well tough luck bitches, Obviously Madison was the real supreme. She was the first to develop not one but two NEW powers ( episode 3) she had Telekinesis (obviously) Pyrokinesis and CONCILIUM. out of the four. which was around the time Fiona was getting weak. Fiona did start testing the 7 wonders on her which she passed 3 already but didn’t finish because finishing the 7 wonders might kill Fiona because it’ll mean Madison has fully taken Fiona’s life force ( Which was the same reason Anna Leigh didn’t want to test the 7 wonders on young Fiona because she wasn’t ready to die)

Fiona was getting weaker and weaker throughout the season and obviously Cordelia couldn’t even be healthy enough to get pregnant even with magic. If she truly was the next Supreme, she should’ve been getting stronger and stronger and felt it. Bitch had to stab her eyes for a petty vision. Madison did pass the 7 wonders at the last episode. The last being divination. Find the object that belongs to Anna Leigh Leighton well guess what. that fucking cigarette holder was Anna’s. And Myrtle probably did some of her carrot top magic on her to confuse her, which she also did to Fiona when she was deceiving her into believing the axeman did not love her, Myrtle never wanted Madison to be supreme. She said so herself it would just be like having Fiona 2.0 . And Cordelia is too weak she fainted when she tried to bring back Zoe. Madison was able to bring back a dead man from the cemetery and still walk in six inch heels and twirl. If Madison didn’t die Cordelia wouldn’t have succeeded with the Vitalum Vitalis. Like Fiona said “Conservation of Energy" 

And if you watch the past episodes. Fiona did get stronger after she killed Madison. She brought a baby back to life using Vitalum Vitalis. Bitch was supposed to be needing life not giving it away. but when Madison was brought back to life. she began to be very weak throwing up. hair shedding. She couldn’t even slam the door through telekinesis in front of Madison.

That cigarette holder was put there for a reason. If you watch episode 3. in the flashback that was in the table. but in current time it was no longer there. replaced with Fiona’s cigarette holder which is the one she lit at episode 8. after the coven failed to trick her into committing suicide.

and if you pull the "heart murmur” crap. Cordelia said it once. which was obviously a flash back. Fiona asked Madison if she felt her powers getting strong. and she said it is “like crazy” Even without dying I’m pretty sure Madison’s heart murmur would’ve disappeared sooner or later because she was taking Fiona’s life force, EPISODE 3  obviously proves she is the heir to supremacy. because none of the other witches are developing anything everyone remains weak. Before Fiona slit her throat she said so herself “Madison was taking her life force away from her”

Also the test was rigged like Madison said. Cordelia gets visions. How many times has Cordelia touched Myrtle? in that episode? She probably had a vision of where Myrtle hid the items. Myrtle rigged it. she wanted Zoe to win and when it was obvious that Zoe wasn’t coming back to life she went to plan B. Cordelia. She showed no compassion or expression whatsover when Misty died ( which she owes her life too ) but freaked the fuck out when Zoe died even saying “She had the makings of a fine leader” before convincing Cordelia to perform the seven wonders. Which is probably the reason she wanted to be burned at the stake because she fears that someone or worst Cordelia finds out the truth and doubt herself again..and why wasn’t Zoe burned for killing Spalding?

Some of you are saying she can’t even light her cigarette. Oh really? Isn’t that what makes it obvious that she’s not herself that she might be under a spell? She’s been smoking since episode 1. And now she suddenly can’t even light her own cigarette? even with a lighter? or her POWERS? well just watch the episode again and see for yourself how Myrtle was acting the whole time. Smiling like she knows a secret. Which is probably also why Madison can’t free herself from Kyle. Because she was under Carrot top’s magic.


Madison was set up for character development: she was raped, which was traumatic for her obviously, and we were made to feel sympathy for her and see her hidden insecurities and sadness. Then she was killed, which obviously was meant to make us feel something. Madison was a bitch, but she was still part of the team; she was still one of the big four with Zoe, Nan, and Queenie. The fault in Madison starts as soon as she’s revived: we got the great generation Y monologue, which was likely going to start the unfolding of the rest of her character arc, but then it fell flat. The topic of her emotional state after resurrection was never breached again, and then she was senselessly killed off by Kyle. It’s bullshit: Madison could take Kyle. She could control his mind, use fire, transported away from him. Anything. Kyle could not have killed Madison. Obviously the writers wrote themselves into a corner and didn’t have the time or talent to fix it so they fucked Madison over and destroyed her character.