tv: 1990s

WWWA World Single Champion Bull Nakano
[November 1990]

On January 4th, 1990, Bull Nakano began a title reign of which would be the second most dominant reign out of any champion in the title’s history. The original champion, Mildred Burke, won the WWWA World Single Championship by defeating Clara Mortenson in 1937, and would hold the title until 1956 when she retired. 

On July 19th, 1989, the champion Lioness Asuka retired from professional wrestling, effectively vacating the WWWA World Single Championship in the process. Over the course of several weeks, a tournament was held to crown a new champion, which came down to Mitsuko Nishiwaki and Bull Nakano. Nakano would gain the victory, then would go on to amass 1,057 days as champion before being defeated by Aja Kong in November of 1992.

Brian Pillman
[February 17th, 1996]

Imagine, it’s 1996, you’re in the middle of a rabid ECW crowd, and the lights go out. Everyone in attendance has been seasoned to know that this means something big is about to happen. Suddenly, the lights come back up and who’s standing in the ring but none other than Brian Pillman, the former Four Horsemen member who had notoriously shocked WCW by becoming a headache for the company. The disrespectful Pillman was embraced by wrestling fans at the ECW helm, that is, until he threatened to urinate on the ring and began attacking fans and wrestlers, mere moments after he was revealed to the shocked audience.


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