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It’s not that I object to social media being plastered with posts about a TV series.

But I think people could, I dunno, at least try to say something constructive? I know it’s all the rage nowadays to send death threats for spoilers, but what does a person think when they log on to social media and write “aaah holy fuck that episode, its first 5/10/15/20/25 minutes, its battle/sex/dialogue scene!”

…I get it. You’re enthusiastic about something. You want to share. But you wrote the same thing last week. And the week before that. You’re not contributing.


When Emma and Audrey were in the back of the police car and the killer was just standing in the road to make the car crash :

When they crashed and the killer killed the cop and then disappeared : 

When the killer appeared suddenly and opened the door to the police car and gave them the keys : 

When they escape and they’re being fucking looked for by the police because they’re “suspects” :

When Noah and Brooke leave the hospital even after Emma and Audrey told them not to : 

When Emma invited the killer to the theater and they guarded the doors and I knew damn well the killer was already there in the theater : 

When Brooke got stabbed : 

When Brooke got stabbed I had just said right before it that it was Kieran and he was RIGHT THERE ‘helping’ her :

When Audrey disappeared : 

When the ‘movie’ of all the murders started playing and I saw Brooke and Noah’s reactions : 

When Emma acted all bad ass and dodged the killer while looking for Audrey and shot at him : 

When Emma found Audrey and Kieran called her :

When Emma said she couldn’t tell Kieran where she was because she had to be alone when she found Audrey :


When Eli showed up, stabbed, and told Emma Kieran did it and they were arguing back and forth about who the real killer was : 

When Kieran said “Don’t worry Emma you’ll feel safe again” but the killer had just told her she’d never feel safe again on the phone : 

When Kieran admitted to being the killer, Piper’s lover, and just went full fucking psycho : 

When Emma and Audrey teamed up and fucked up his game long enough for Emma to run and hide and Kieran grabbed Audrey and acted like he’d kill her : 

When he was looking for Emma with Audrey and they both teamed up on his ass again and got the gun from him and Audrey threw that damn chain around his bitch ass and held him there while Emma held the gun : 

When Emma decided not to kill him : 

When the cops showed up and arrested Kieran : 

When everything seemed fine again at the end and then Kieran gets that fucking phone call from someone asking “who said you could wear my mask” :

When you realize you have to wait for season 3 now : 

Random Fact #681

Note: Though I mention Game of Thrones S6 I make no mention of who is in that setting, why, or what happens there. 

I’m literally just talking about the set design.

In Game of Thrones S6 Episode 10 (The Winds of Winter) why are the books at the Citadel library chained to their bookcases?

Because they’re being historically accurate. That’s how pretty much all Medieval European libraries were like.

What, did people just stand there reading the books?

Yes. That’s exactly how it worked.

…Why? That sounds awfully uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Well, let me put it like this: It took you years (decades, even) to meticulously hand-write and bind a book. Every copy of every volume you wanted your library to have would require you to either make it yourself from scratch, and by hand, or to break out the big bucks to buy it from someone who had done that work for you.

As such, books were super expensive.

To give you an idea of how expensive, 7 books in 1479 cost about £5.

Nowadays that may sound like a pretty awesome deal, but in 1479 £5 would be roughly equivalent to £3,361.00.

To have a yearly wage of £5 a year back then would be equivalent to someone who makes £32,750.00 a year nowadays.

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ID #82217

Name: Dia
Country: Romania

Hello everyone! My name is Dia and I am 20 years old. I am currently a university student, studying german and italian language and literature. I am searching for penpals all over the world who I can share ideas and discus new topics, or just complaining and write about everyday life struggles. My interest are fashion, music ( old-kpop fan here ), tv-shows (GOT lover and kdrama addict) I like photography and history, I love sweets and cute things. I studied for a short period of time norwegian, polish and korean (I would like to practice my language skills with natives ) I would love to exchange values, thoughts, opinions and understand my penpal’s culture better.

Preferences:  I would like my penpal to be around 17-24 cause i feel i can connect better with them in terms of everyday life activities. I can speak english, italian, german, romanian, and a bit of norwegian, polish and korean.

I literally haven’t been on Tumblr in AGES (two years give or take??) but I return because you guys, I am watching a show, it is called Murdoch Mysteries (though my partner and I typically refer to it as “Canadian Science Murders”), and after five and a half seasons of sexual tension and on-again-off-again relationship between two major characters, an episode ends with them LITERALLY GOING INTO A HOTEL TOGETHER SO THAT THE LADY WILL HAVE EVIDENCE OF ADULTERY SO HER SHITTY HUSBAND CAN DIVORCE HER AND SHE CAN BE WITH THIS GUY INSTEAD, and this episode is at least 3 years old (I think?) and yet