More People Should Know About Jackson Wang

A Hong Kong-raised idol in South Korea, where gender and sexual equality is still very far from being a thing, Jackson’s a bit of a maverick in the celebrity world with how he breaks stereotypes and discusses gender equality so casually.

Like this time when he asked if two men could get paired together on popular TV show “We Got Married” instead of just the typical hetero relationships. (Note: Still nothing but hetero couples on the show)

Or this time on Weekly Idol. When talking about the kind of traits Hani (girl holding the board) likes in a guy, she mentioned loyalty. When the host asked if one of the other guests if she liked guys with loyalty, Jackson thought the host was asking him and answered without blinking an eye. 

Then when he got the opportunity to make a guest appearance on SNL Korea, he didn’t shy away from the role, even with kissing another man in the script.

He even mentioned it in his time during the closing segment.

Then, when he got paired up with his friend Monsta X’s Jooheon for Flower Boy Bromance, he talked about how excited he was to get the chance to hang out. Jooheon got a little weirded out, but Jackson was quick to explain.

There are a lot more examples, but long story short, Jackson’s breaking down old school gender roles, whether he realizes it or not. More people should love him just for how amazing he is as a person.

You keep doing you, Jackson! 💚

Unraveled | Part 2| NSFW


Summary: After the rule was broken, you didn’t know what the status of your relationship with Tom stood. It worried you until one night.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, cursing, light bondage

Word Count: 2,165

A/N: YOOOO! It’s a long one!! Sorry if it’s too long for you, but I wanted to develop it properly. This is 18+ only, please! I also dabbled in the sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship like last time. Smut begins after the forth break, but anyways enjoy and give me feedback. This was also requested by two anons to continue part one of Undone. Part 1 can be found here.

It had been a week since you both broke the rule. He hadn’t reached out to you since that afternoon when he dropped you off at your apartment. You just accepted that you would have to find someone else because you understood that things might just be weird between the two of you. It was until your cell phone rang and Tom’s name appeared on the screen. You took a big sigh and then answered.

“Hello,” you said.

“Come over,” he said, and then hung up.

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when are we going to start seeing more average sized people holding important roles in tv shows and movies? we’ve got lots of underweight stars, and a handful of overweight stars, but when is media going to more accurately represent what bodies actually look like?


The second part! I was inspired a lot by “The white princess”. To tell you the truth, I don’t like this adaptation. I don’t like actors, decorations and plot is written truly terribly… But, I love “The White Queen” with Max and Rebecca. It seems to be my fav tv show (after Got, Poldark and so on). So, just let’s hope that this tv show is going to be better.
Also, I was thinking about Princes in Tower. Here I decided to show my version of these boys, if only they could survive in reality.


  • every tv show writers: okay so I'm gonna make them fall in love with this character
  • also every tv show writers: now i'm gonna kill him or make him disappear
😩Season 7, last season?

😐 my face when they say scandal couldn’t make it to another season ummmm Scandal could have gone the distance if Shonda hadn’t played herself. She came up with these big storylines(b613, election rigging, Liv getting kidnapped, new illuminate) and now she can’t keep up with what she started. Scandal was good when we had cases and Olivia was being a badass and handling shit! Don’t tell me Scandal couldn’t have done more look at Law and Order: SVU, they basically have the same format every episode and people still watch! People still watching Grey after 13 seasons 🙄 And I saw somewhere she said she could only do “Olivia and Fitz” thing before ppl get tired of it (or some to that effect) uhhhhh stop the lies! I’m only watching scandal because of Olitz and just because they get together doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the show. Nor does it mean in a whole episode you have to show us olitz from beginning to end. My thing is we have been wanting to see them together, like actually together. You don’t have to give it to us in one go 🙄let us see them date! We were robbed of that one damn date we got 😤 I need to see some flirting hell! Some! 😂😂 And honestly I don’t mind that she wanted other characters to shine but the way she went about it 😒. For example Mellie, this woman ain’t never did anything in politics except that one time she stood up for that bill but yet we suppose to rally behind her to be the next president… where are her credentials ? Where 👏🏽are 👏🏽Mellies 👏🏽receipts👏🏽 ? It’s crazy how shonda let Mellie do Olivia but she turned around and needed her for EVERYTHING! She couldn’t get Fitz to do shit… she calling Olivia! She need a favor or help she calling Olivia! Mellie real deal thought Olivia was her “clean up woman” bitch this ain’t the help! I’m sorry but I could never get behind Mellivia 🗣ISSA NO. As a woman I can’t fuck with another woman(Mellie) who tries to shit on other women(Olivia) and then have the nerve to need her 😂 if I was Olivia I would have been went in on Mellie ass! Another example Pete Harris … I mean Jake Ballard 🙃 he could never compare to Fitz but it’s amazing how he tried to slither his way in every chance he got. Shonda real deal forced me to watch Scott fooley just because she killed him off her other show 😂😂😂! Jake was and still is weak, pathetic, jealous, toxic ass individual. He was programmed to “love” Olivia because Rowan “made him” 👈🏽 Rowan said these words to Olivia himself, he knew, she knew, hell we all knew it was not real. Olivia never told him she loved him and he said it to her how many times 😎 aw ok then‼️ Jake was suppose to take Fitz place in our hearts but we weren’t having that shit! There is only one Leading man of Scandal and that’s Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony G). Anyways I’m sad because I really love this show. Scandal is the first Tv show I’ve ever got so invested in 😢 I’m gonna enjoy it til the end, hopefully Shonda do it justice. I feel like we should get an Olitz wedding and realistically they would live in Georgetown because we know our Livvie is a working woman she not bout to go and live a housewife type of life. They gone vacation at the home in Vermont 🤗 because that’s our special place. That’s how she needs to wrap up Olitz all the other stuff she can do whatever with Fitz not in the White House no more so I’m not gonna be interested in anybody else being president so she might as well get a new format for season 7 😂😂 but whatever she do I’m watching cuz I love scandal even when I don’t agree with everything it’s still my favorite show because of Kerry, Tony and Olitz 😍 with they cute asses, my precious OTP and I’m still gonna write my fanfics because I love this couple.

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chrisana  asked:

if you still do headcanons can you give dramatic af stark teens

lmfao yes sorry this is so late Nora: 

  • Robb. Oh Robb. He is the child who will call family meetings just so he can dramatically declare that he’s angry. 
    • “I just wanted to call everyone here because I have an important family announcement.” “Oh gods, you got someone pregnant.” “Sansa, please. It’s far more important than that.” “Wait what does that mea-” “Bran rolled over my foot with his chair this morning. I’m not speaking to him for a week.” 
      • Rickon: “Wait but did Robb get someone pregnant I’m confused.” 
    • He was also the biggest prankster as a kid so family members would inevitably destroy his gags when they got sick of them so he’d dramatically call everyone together and accuse them individually of breaking his stuff. 
  •  Jon sulks and makes sure everyone else KNOWS he’s sulking. He wears all black, refuses to smile even less than he does now, and will deeply sigh every 5 minutes. The only way he could be more obvious is to physically have a raining cloud follow him. 
    • Every time he sighs someone else will sigh and go “anything bothering you, Jon?” and Emo Jon would say no, give a 1-minute speech on the inevitability of disappointment, and then stare out the window and sigh again. 
  • lmfao Sansa is passive aggressive as shit OR yelling there is no in-between. She’s always the Extra™ child. If the most minor inconvenience happens, Sansa is on the floor crying, moaning that her life is over, that she’ll never find happiness again, that nothing can be worse than this.
    • She did this once when her favorite tv show got canceled. She curled up against the remote and groaned, and when Robb tried to get the remote to watch Mythbusters, Sansa yelled at him for not respecting her feelings. 
    • Also passive aggressive sticky notes. Everywhere. Ned walked to the fridge to see it covered in post-its, different colors for each member of the family she was referring to (he was on there, in an orange sticky that said “Please put back the strawberry carton FULLY CLOSED”). 
  • Arya subtweets a LOT. It’s honestly the only time she actively uses twitter, to subtweet, and she has a large loyal following that gets excited because she never uses it otherwise, so they love logging on and seeing the vague-posts. She keeps getting in trouble for it because her family all follows her, but that doesn’t stop her from live-tweeting Sansa yelling at her or subtweeting and following it up with Kermit sipping tea gifs. 
    • Sansa subtweets too so people who follow BOTH of them while they’re fighting are in for a treat. 
    • In real life she always has to have the last word so she’ll argue but then let someone say their last thing and then scream out something and sprint out the door so they can’t respond. 
  • So Bran isn’t always dramatic, but when it comes to pranks…he’s either too extreme or too underwhelming. So, underwhelming: you know that Spongebob episode where a guy asks for some ice and Spongebob gives him one? That’s Bran. And for extreme: if you watch New Girl, remember when Winston unleashed a possum at a wedding and thought it was hilarious? Yeah, that’s also Bran. 
    • Other pranks: putting a singular blueberry on Ned’s oatmeal and roaring with laughter when Ned ate it and dumping ghost pepper sauce into Joffrey’s tea (truthfully, the family didn’t scold him too much for that one). 
  • Rickon can sometimes be extra. Arya once got him a crown for his birthday and he wore that thing around for a whole month and declared himself a king. 
    • He also pettily made a list of everyone who was annoying (he got this from Arya tbh). So, if he and Arya are hanging out and someone trips over their feet or blocks the tv screen, they pull out a notepad and write down the offense. 
      • Sansa once stole their notepad and the two declared that once they got it back they were going to put her name at the top of that list. 
Nct U having a model as a crush

Request: Hi friend! I was wondering if I could request a reaction for NCT U to their crush is a model (walks down runways,on magazines,featured in posters, etc) ???? Thank you so much in advanced 💖

A/N: sure thing !! this was so fun aw . and also i made you ( the reader ) as the model so hope you don’t mind


Knowing Taeil and his naturally awkward personality , he’d just stare at you in awe 24/7 with his mouth agape everytime he attends your shows ,as you walk down the runway , flaunting every part of your body .

And when both of you got invited to a television show one day , he got super flustered and couldn’t sleep the night before , thinking about how to start the conversation with you without making things obvious .

His face shows a light shade of pink and he gives a small calm smile but internally he’s just :


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When he was first saw you , he was stunned by your beauty and your charming smile . He has stacks of magazines full of pictures of you sitted neatly on his desk and he looks at them almost everyday .

When your company invited him to be one of the special runway models for a special event , he agreed right away and laughed/giggled shyly as soon as he saw you . He tried acting casual and calm but you could tell he was shy , as he couldn’t hold eye contact with you for more than 5 seconds , and he was constantly blushing

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This bunny first saw you when he was hosting one of the shows you were in , and as soon as he saw you walking down elegantly , he instantly smiled and accidentally mentioned “ Beautiful ” into the mic , which wasn’t in the script and everyone else in the room heard , causing him to blush like crazy

When you thanked him afterwards backstage for the compliment , he was shocked and was still blushing

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As the both of you were under SM , you occasionally saw him practising in the dance room when you were needed at the building for meetings . Same for him , he often stared at you and smiled to himself when you came , and he offered you to buy you drinks once .

He’d take this matter the easiest , and he’d treat you very casually and nicely , and even though he doesn’t make it obvious that he likes you , you’re still able to tell because he saved your contact name as “ prettiest model ” & you saw him bought a poster of you before

And he often acts cool in front you , trying to gain your attention like:

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Like Ten ,Jeffrey Jaehyun would also be pretty chill with his actions , and wouldn’t want to make it too obvious too . But whenever you post your photo shoot images on social media , he’s always the first few to comment ,to the point where both your fans were speculating if the both of you were dating

“ As beautiful as always ”

“ Gorgeous Y/N !! ”

“ Always supporting you ”

And everytime he sees you on the runway he’s just like:

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This smol little bun first saw you when you were on a show together once , and he was so stunned by your beauty he couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole day .

He has pictures of you saved in his phone and he tries to watch every of your shows as much as he can , and everytime he does he smiles shyly and blushes non stop , just like the first time you said hi to him,

His heart almost stopped from the happiness .

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Hannah Baker is just as bad

Now before you start the hate on me, here me out.

She purposely made these tapes, wanting to hurt (and mostly succeeding) everyone who wronged her. She found a way to manipulate and put them on edge, to feel suffering for what they did to her.

She suffered. Yes, and I’m not saying they didn’t deserve it. She had all the right in the world to take her revenge. She went through so many things no one should go through.

The point of this post isn’t to say she was just as bad, to make it seem like she was some type of evil bitch, because she most definitely isn’t.

Hannah Baker was human.

We’re all human and whether we like it or not, we will always end up hurting someone whether on purpose or not. I hope you all read this post and watch this series and learn the effect small and big actions have. Humans will always suffer and will always make mistakes, but we can fix things and we can be happy if we let ourselves.

In the end, we’re all as bad. But we can be better too