Ride you like my Harley (Trixya) - Chapter 5 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. If anyone reading this watches the show, I hope you are not bothered with me changing the storylines for my needs. Whoopsies.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, horrible pick up lines and puns, mentions of drugs, rape, adoption, death and violence.

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Signs as TV Shows
  • Aries: Sons of Anarchy
  • Taurus: Shameless
  • Gemini: Doctor Who
  • Cancer: Game of Thrones
  • Leo: Supernatural
  • Virgo: American Horror Story
  • Libra: Sherlock
  • Scorpio: The Walking Dead
  • Capricorn: Friends
  • Sagittarius: Bates Motel
  • Aquarius: Orange is the New Black
  • Pisces: Once Upon a Time
  • - sammy

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relationship status: i’m significant by myself, don’t have a significant other
favorite color: i really like dark colors; black and grey, but also rose gold and baby blue
lipstick or chapstick: both
last song i listened to: small doses by bebe rexha
last movie i watched: i think it was get out
top 3 tv shows: sons of anarchy, king of queens, orange is the new black
top 3 characters: juice ortiz, dayanara diaz, carrie hefernen
top 3 ships: drake & nicki minaj, jax teller & lyla winston, shawn mendes & myself lmao
books i’m currently reading: how to fall in love by cecelia ahern

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30, 47

30. favourite tv show(s) - sons of anarchy,rick and morty, gotham, house of cards, friends, that 70′s show, criminal minds, hannibal, daredevil, arrow, modern family, black mirror, black sails, game of thrones, the shield, sopranos and i can go on 

47. turn ons - long hair dudes and beards


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Relationship status:  uh.  i’ll get back to you on that when i figure it out, 
Favorite color:  Purple & Greens. 
Lipstick or chapstick:  neither,
Last song I listened to:  Airplanes ft. B.O.B & Haley Willams.
Last movie I watched:  Mother’s Day
Top three tv shows:  Sons Of Anarchy, Lost, Sense 8. 
Top three characters:  James Buchanan Barnes, Murtagh Foresworn, Jackson Teller. 
Top three ships:  Bucky/Connie, Bucky/Caleb, Bucky/Evan
Books I’m currently reading:  Queen of The Damned; Ann Rice 

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#11-33 😊

11:Favourite song? Recently it’s been Despacito by Luis Fonti

12:The question you ask new friends to get to know them better? I usually don’t ask new friends questions I just pick a random topic or if we share common interests I usually talk about that.

13:Favourite word? Conniption

14:The last person who hurt me, did I forgive them? No

15:Last song I listened to? Chandelier by Sia

16:TV show I always recommend? Sons of Anarchy of course lol

17:Pirates or ninjas? Pirates

18:Movie I watch when I’m feeling down? Moana

19:Song that I always start my shuffle with/wake-up song/always-on-a-loop song? Gonna get mine by Halestorm

20:Favourite video games? Devil May Cry

21:What am I most afraid of? Needles and being treated like an idiot

22:A good quality of mine? I’m a pretty selfless person

23:A bad quality of mine? I get cranky way too often

24:Cats or dogs? Dogs

25:Actor/actress you trust enough to watch whatever they’re in? Theo Rossi lol

26:Favourite season? Winter

27:Am I in a relationship? No

28:Something I miss? My grandparents 😔

29:My best friend? I don’t really have one (unless you count my mom lol)

30:Eye colour? Brown

31:Hair colour? Dark brown

32:Someone I love? My momma

33:Someone I trust? My momma 😁

Thanks chica 😘

There’s an old saying, ‘that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, I don’t believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things - your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that will keep you whole, those are the things to hold onto when you’re broken
—  Sons of Anarchy - “Sovereign” [5x1]

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/10] favorite tv show : Sons of Anarchy

Most of us were not violent by nature. We all had our problems with authority, but none of us were sociopaths. We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid you give up the safety that society provides. On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with convictions violence is inevitable.

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I've done research on this problem I've been having but nothing has seemed to help me so far. I love to write and I consider myself creative, but my biggest problem is that I can't think of a plot. I simply can't think of an original plot without unconsciously emulating some story line from another book or TV series I've seen. Is there any way you could help me with keeping my plot original and not a slightly altered version of another/common plot?

Hello Anonymous,

The truth is most plots aren’t completely original. Even before Shakespeare, the story has been the same (so to speak). There are limits to the formula as they can only be a variation of man vs man; man vs nature; man vs himself etc. They fall into the story type as well: tragedy (Romeo and Juliet); Comedy (Midsummer Nights Dream); Rags to riches (Cinderella, Pretty Women, Jane Eyre)

There is the rebirth story where an eye opening event helps a character change their ways (think A Christmas Carol, Despicable Me, Freaky Friday). There is a reason why certain tales are known as “underdog stories” where the reader knows the basic plot yet still goes ahead and reads.

There are times when the writer knows they are mimicking a plot, yet it works well. Creator of the TV show “Sons of Anarchy”, Kurt Sutter, has said that it was going to be his take on Hamlet, and if you know the plot for the series, it is exactly that story. In my opinion second to Breaking Bad (tragedy as well) Season three of SOA was some of the best writing in television history.

Even two of the biggest movie franchises: Harry Potter and Star Wars have a lot in common. Both feature orphans with powers on a quest to save the world. They have much more in common. I could go on drawing similarities, but I should get to my point which is: You aren’t likely to write an original plot, one that has no similarities to another, but you are completely able to write an original story. It’s all about you take on the concept. If you are able to find your voice as a writer. If you can include compelling, original characters. If you can write an imaginative tale, avoiding common tropes, than you don’t have to worry about the plot being similar to another.

Happy Writing :)


Imagine #42 Derek [Requested by jaylenelovesdrizzy]

A/N: Oh my god, I am sorry if this is terrible. I don’t write a lot of smut. Let me know what you think, beauties. 

“This was a good idea.” Derek’s hoarse voice acknowledged with a mouthful of sweetened pastries, the featherlike fabric of the indigo dyed comforter cradling you and your boyfriend in a cocoon of warmth. The theme music for the television show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ interrupting the complacent silence. Having received countless suggestions on television shows to watch, Derek finally agreed to the action packed drama while scrolling through Netflix. These moments, the mundane bonding, was rare due to the supernatural obligations of heroism. Being opportunistic, you’d acquired a fair amount of snacks and sweet goods to persevere date night at the warehouse loft. The relationship, being four months old, still had milestones to endure; the most intimate experience yet to transpire lingering in the forefront of your thoughts. “You like him?” Derek questioned in a veiled sense of bitterness, trying desperately to sound withdrawn and stoic.

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@grimmwatson said: Thank you for doing Pritkin week! I can so see Charlie Hunnam playing Pritkin!!

RIGHT??? I mean look at this

with the dirt and the muscles and the glaring ….

his hair is even kinda pritkin-y??? 

he can even do Rosier!!! 

I just … 

Originally posted by theandrophile

Come on. 

Also he’s got the attitude hella down:

 Charlie Hunnam was emaciated and had lost 20 pounds for the last season of the TV show Sons of Anarchy. During auditions, Guy Ritchie was very bothered by his look though he liked his performance and asked him 4 times during the process about his poor physique and ‘What was the heaviest he had been’. Hunnam said that when Ritchie brought up the 4th time, he knew that the physicality of Arthur was very important to Ritchie. He promised Ritchie that he would get into incredible shape for Arthur and to prove his fitness for the part, offered to physically fight the other two finalists - Henry Cavill and Jai Courtney. Hunnam told Ritchie, “Look, dude, you keep bring this up, the physicality. Its obviously your primary concern. So if you want to do away with all this auditioning bollocks, I’ll fucking fight those other two dudes. I know who they are. You can bring them both in here. I’ll fight them both. The one who walks out the door gets the job.” Hunnam won the role after this.  

He’s so fighty :’)