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Roanoke is the sixth season of the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. It premiered on September 14, 2016, marking the first time the series has debuted outside of October; the finale is scheduled to air on November 16, 2016. Prior to the premiere, series co-creator Ryan Murphy stated this season of the series would be “more rogue” and “dark” in contrast to its previous cycle, Hotel. Details about its plot and cast were kept secret until the first episode aired, an unusual approach to publicity for the series. As such, it became the first iteration of the series to not release a subtitle prior to the season premiere since its debut. Several potential themes were theorized based on various promotional material produced by FX. After the release of pictures taken from the set in Santa Clarita, it was widely speculated that the season would incorporate the infamous 1590s Roanoke Colony disappearance. The premiere episode revealed the season to be depicted as a paranormal documentary entitled My Roanoke Nightmare which reenacts the experiences of a married couple who relocate to North Carolina. Returning cast members from previous seasons include: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Jordan and Adina Porter. New additions to the cast are Cuba Gooding Jr. and André Holland. Roanoke has received positive reviews, with critics noting its subdued aesthetic and pacing in comparison to earlier seasons of the series.


Conviction Season 1 Episode 4 | Mother’s Little Burden

‘I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding the bruises with concealer, but you can’t cover this up. I’m pretty much scared all the time never knowing when he’s gonna lash out, shove me down the stairs. But it’s not like I can leave, ‘cause as scared of him as I am, he’s my everything. I love him. He’s my baby boy.’


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4R’s: Encantadia (Oct. 19, 2016 episode review)


Pao Pao had a bad dream.

He told Imaw about Amihan falling off a cliff, nightmares are never taken for granted in Encantadia, Imaw took this as an omen and used his balintataw to know what happened to Amihan and Danaya. The cane confirmed Pao Pao’s vision, Amihan is in danger and is held hostage by Hagorn and Pirena. Pao Pao wasted no time and transformed into the adult version of himself and prepared to go to Lireo with Aquil and Muros. Ybarro came just in time and found out what happened to Amihan, Ybarro immediately volunteered to come with them, but first, they need Kalasag.

Hagorn and Pirena brought Amihan to the dungeon where she was bounded to prevent her from using her power or even going ivictus. Pirena stressed that she and Lira could only be freed if Amihan surrenders her gem, being strong willed like her sisters, Amihan once again refused to accept Pirena’s offer. Hagorn interrogated Amihan about the little mortal boy she’s always with and the fifth gem but Amihan refused to answer, this angered Hagorn and used the fire gem to torture and agonize Amihan. Seeing her sister writhing in pain, Pirena stopped her own father. Hagorn sensed the worry and concern in Pirena’s eyes, the latter bluffed that they still haven’t gotten the air gem and they could use Amihan against her allies. Accepting Pirena’s point, Hagorn spared Amihan for now.

A Hathorian soldier successfully located Amihan’s camp and immediately told Agane about it, Mashna wasted no time and attacked the camp. Without their leader and strongest warriors around, and only Alira and Wantuk taking charge, the entire camp is in great danger. Meanwhile, Mira’s condition has stabilized and finally regained strength and consciousness much to Danaya’s relief. Mira asked where her mother Amihan is, Danaya told her that she went back to Lireo to rescue Lira. Mira felt jealous towards Lira for having a mother who’s willing to risk everything for her, and even though it is evident that Amihan loves Mira as much as the real Lira. Mira felt disappointed at her adoptive mother for using her and questioned Amihan’s “genuine love” for her. Though Danaya tried to explain Amihan’s side on her behalf, Mira refused to accept any reasons and firmly told her Ashti her desire to return to the mortal world, for she have no one else to return to—neither her adoptive mother, nor her stone-hearted birth mother.

Amihan (Pirena) visited Lira and brought her food, still bothered about her most recent discovery, the young sang’gre told her mother about her smart phone charging whenever a Hathor is around. Lira frankly asked her if Amihan does have Hathorian blood. Amihan (Pirena) denied having any traces of Hathor in her and broke Lira’s phone and firmly stated that she does need it in Encantadia. Lira was stunned and confused about her “mother’s” behavior. The real Amihan tried every way possible to free herself and get out of her prison, but it seems that her brilyante could not do it’s magic. Since Amihan’s hands are chained, she cannot summon the air gem. Amihan instead prayed to Emre to save Lira and guide her way to safety.

Pao Pao, Aquil and Muros went to Lireo in an attempt to save their queen. The trio teamed up and fought the Hathorian guards, but their mission failed when Hagorn and Pirena showed up and injured Pao Pao, the three were saved by kalasag and told them to get out of the palace and sped off. Pao Pao, Aquil and Muros whisked their way out. Hagorn and his men followed them, leaving Pirena behind with a question mark all over her face, who is behind the mask and black armor? Kalasag used his mandirigma skills and sneaked his way further in the palace where he single-handedly defeated all the Hathors guarding the place and went on.

Emre has heard and answered Amihan’s prayer and sent a white bird to Lira which later on morphed herself into someone Lira knew very well—Ades. The former head dama came to inform Lira about Pirena’s deception to which the diwani refused to believe at first, but after spilling out Pirena’s ability to shapeshift, Ades challenged Lira to unveil Pirena’s deception herself.


💙 Kylie continues to slay this week! I’m falling for your performance episode after episode girl! Although I was kind of expecting that they will recreate the original version where Amihan was lashed endlessly (as ordered by Pirena) and the queen still refuses to surrender her gem to Pirena! That was my favorite next to the Pirena rebellion. But still, good job Hara!

❤ Ha! I knew it, Pirena is not that bad at all because we all saw the worry in her eyes when Hagorn low key (yes, mild palang ‘yan bes) tortured Amihan. Deep in her heart she does care for her sister even the one she considered as her biggest rival. Splendid performance as always Glaiza!

👱 Big Pao Pao to the rescue! It’s no surprise that he will find a way to save Amihan who has been a mother figure to him all this time.

💗 My heart still bleeds for Mira, I know Kate is attached to her character that she actually feels emotional towards Mira, and I’m glad she used that emotion to show Mira’s pain and disappointments towards her mothers. 😭 where is justice in Mira’s story?! WHERE?!

🙅 Yaaaaaas! Ades is back! So…Aure is out of the picture and Ades will serve as Lira’s guide eh? And I am so glad that Ades went actually straight to the point and be like, “Girl the bitch isn’t your momma.” No more dramatic bullshits whatsoever. Oh, btw, can we have an Ades vs. Gurna round two?


🙄 Why did it took Lira a long time to discover Pirena’s deception? Logic bes!

1. Why didn’t she ever wondered why there are Hathors in the palace when in fact, the freaks are enemies?
2. Why didn’t she realize that time when her real mother and Ashti came and didn’t see her when she was actually there, that the necklace might be the root cause of her invisibility or whatever? Like hello? She figured out her inability to vanish because she was chained why didn’t she ever thought of the same?
3. Also, why hasn’t she came up with a conclusion that something fishy is going on?
A. Her phone charged when “Amihan” came
B. “Amihan” admitted to her that she has no Hathorian blood
-aren’t these more than enough to make Lira become suspicious?
🤔 Why the fuck are they making Lira dumb and illogical? I understand that she has 0 knowledge about Encantadia, but giiiiiiiirrrrl! Please don’t make her too dumb. That aside why are they making it seem like Pirena is the only sang’gre who is actually thinking? I would prefer a battle of wits and strategy in the new version not some plots filled with downright bullshits.

🤔 I just thought of this just now, I do understand that Amihan is a mother and would do anything for her daughter, but making that impulsive decision made things worse:

1. Why didn’t she and Danaya took Mira to their camp instead of taking her somewhere else? There Mira will be much more safe and protected because there are mashnas Aquil and Alira and other Lirean and Sapirian soldiers as well as mandirigmas who will look after her.
2. Since Mira will be safe in the camp, she should have taken Danaya and Pao Pao with her, they have three gems and Imaw’s came has been retrieved, they could have easily located Lira’s whereabouts, remember that the invisibility necklace was only given to Lira when she woke up not right after she came to Lireo, or if that’s not going to work then ask the cane to show where Pirena ordered her minions to take Lira. If Amihan doesn’t want Pao Pao to be involved then Amihan could take Ybrahim with her because duh, he’s the father! They’re both Lira’s parents and if there is anyone whom Amihan should turn to about the kid, it’s Ybrahim! Giiiiiirl THINK!

Best performer for this episode:
Kylie Padilla 🌪
Glaiza de Castro 🔥

Rating: 7 out of 10 💎s

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