German kids TV show special: Schloss Einstein

Schloss Einstein is a German TV series, it’s kinda like a soap opera for teenagers. It’s all about students of the fictional boarding school Schloss Einstein. It’s a mix of drama, comedy, action and also a little science (they’re doing lots of interesting experiments). There exist more than 840 episodes so far (18 seasons). It’s hella addictive!!!!

The main characters change every year and there are always students that leave the school & new ones that start to attend school there. 

Here you can watch ALL THE EPISODES!!! 

My favorite seasons are 2 - 10 but also the others are very good. Give it a try!

LIS July Challenge: Day 28: What does LIS Reminds me of

Kingdom Hearts. Another amazing game with a beautiful story,

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Heavy Rain. This game also includes decisions that will affect the future and its story is awesome. Though I’ve only seen gameplays of this game I’m looking forward to buy it.

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Time Hollow. This game for DS is about time traveling too and it has a fascinating story,

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Mirai Nikki. This anime has so many feels yet so much gore and it includes a small portion of time travel.

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Kokoro Connect. This may not be about time travel but it really shows how frienship/love is with both feels and humor. It is one amazing anime.

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Back to the Future. This trilogy is just simply amazing I couldn’t not include it.

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Doctor Who, Time Traveling. Need I say more?

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Venivo sempre qui, quando il mondo mi stava stretto, così stretto da togliermi il fiato. Me ne stavo a guardare l'oceano e pensavo ‘andate tutti a fanculo’. La scuola non conta proprio un cazzo.
Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Marlon Brando, De Niro, Al Pacino, tutti hanno smesso di andare a scuola. Io odiavo quella scuola. Così venivo qui e guardavo questa infinita distesa di acqua. E mi dicevo ‘È questa la tua vita, tu puoi fare qualsiasi cosa, puoi essere chi vuoi. Chissene frega della scuola, è solo un puntino insignificante della tua vita, non farci caso’.
—  Tate, American Horror Story, 1x5.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

(2015) TV-MA [1 Season]

It’s the first day of camp in this outrageous prequel to the hilarious 2001 cult classic movie. And at Camp Firewood, anything can happen.

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