Roadside Picnic Trailer: based on science fiction novel written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in 1971

Kingdom Hearts anime

So since there is talk about a KH anime I’m going to say how I’d like it to happen.

1) They keep it anime style. (Which doesn’t seem to be a problem.) Maybe similar to FFXV Brotherhood or the KH manga. And I’m sure they’ll find a way to mix the anime and cartoon art styles well.
2) Disney does try to censor it. (This and 4 are my biggest fear when talking about a KH anime.)
3) The FF characters don't get sidelined. (What i mean by this is there not taken out of the story to cut on time or something like that.)
4) They keep to the games story without filler.
5) The game voice actors are brought back for it. (Which I have a feeling wont be a problem with KH.)

The way I’d like to see the Seasons: (I know its too early to talk about multiple seasons but its still interesting to think about)

Season 1 - KH1 - 24 ep
OVA - ReChain - 6 ep (could also be apart of Season 1.)
OVA - 358/2 - 6 ep
Season 2 - KH2 - 24 ep
Prequel Season - BBS - 24 ep
OVA - ReCoded - 3 ep
Season 3 - DDD - 12 ep
OVA - 0.2 - 1 ep
Spin Off series - χ - 24 ep (Including an OVA for Uχ.)

I think a KH anime could be the best thing ever but i could also see it flopping badly if not done right. Ether way I’m excited to see what happens and if it will be greenlit. ^^

It’s cool Disney’s making a Tangled tv series, but you know what would have made a better tv series? The Princess and the Frog. Think about it. Tiana and Naveen dealing with all sorts of fun and frustrating customers, Louis trying to connect with humans despite the fact he’s an alligator, visiting Naveen’s home country and his family, Naveen wanting to spend all their money while Tiana still has problems spending it on herself, and you could even bring back Facilier with Tiana and Naveen trying to stop him with the help of Mama Odie. They could even get turned back into frogs in an episode here and there and work with Ray’s family of fireflies. There was so much potential with that move and, unpopular opinion, I think a tv series is wasted on Tangled.