4R’s: Encantadia (Jan. 20, 2017 week-ender episode review)

Episode 135


An Endless Battle

Aquil and Wantuk led the diwatas to safety, along the way they encountered a group of Hadezars, in the middle of the battle, another ivtre came and surprisingly helped Aquil and Wantuk in battle. The ivtre was actually Amarro, Aquil’s deceased father. At first, Aquil was surprised but was really glad to see his father once again. Amarro told him he was able to get out of Balaak thanks to Hagorn and even encouraged Aquil to leave the diwatas and take Hagorn’s side so they will be together once again. Amarro is a friend of King Arvak, Hagorn’s father. Thus Amarro is pledging allegiance to Hathoria and persuaded Aquil to do the same, but the former general refused to do so and vowed to never leave the diwatas and Lireo.

The Hathors and Hadezars led by King Hagorn made it to the palace’s entrance, the sang’gres appeared with Ybrahim and Lila Sari. In a last attempt of settling things between the two kingdoms, Hagorn asked Amihan her decision once again. Queen Amihan, having no doubts and fear anymore gave him her words—that they will never surrender and fight ‘till the end. The war between Hathors and diwatas ignited once again, the sang’gres, Ybrahim and Lila Sari fought together but Ybrahim and Lila Sari got injured, the two were forced to leave the battle, Alena brought them to a much safer place in the palace. Amihan and Danaya were left to handle the Hadezars who are impossible to kill, fortunately, someone aided them in battle, a diwata both Amihan and Danaya knew very well—Hitano. He met Cassiopeia prior to that and asked where Lila Sari was, the eye told him where Lila Sari was and that’s how he made it to Lireo. Hitano was able to kill and eliminate the Hadezars, the three followed Alena, Lila Sari and Ybrahim.

Danaya immediately used the earth gem to heal Lila Sari’s wounds while Ybrahim tended to his own, having an innate power to heal himself. Lila Sari was ecstatic to see Hitano once again but wondered why Hitano seemed to be different now. Amihan explained that since Hitano is already an ivtre, he no longer has emotions or feelings, it died along with his body. It was the sad truth, but other than that, they discovered one thing: Hitano was able to kill the Hadezars, Aquil and Wantuk came back shortly after, and so are Hagorn and his troop. The women stood behind the men, the first line of defense worked together, it was inevitable for Aquil to face his own father, but it was painted in Amarro’s face how much he wanted Aquil on their side and stop fighting him, but Aquil stood firm on his decision to stay by the diwatas side. The team whisked their way out of the battle with the help of the sang’gres. Hagorn knew Amihan and her troop hasn’t left the palace yet, so he ordered to search the entire palace. The team teleported all the way to the throne room where Muros and the other Lirean guards were waiting.

Hitano was able to kill the ivtres, that was a discovery they made after Hitano helped Amihan and Danaya earlier, Aquil also witnessed this when Amarro saved him and Wantuk. Hitano revealed that an ivtre’s weakness is another ivtre, that means only a fellow ivtre is capable of eliminating the Hadezars, and the only ivtre in Amihan’s side is Hitano who was already injured and cannot handle all the Hadezars alone. Amihan knew they needed another ivtre to help Hitano and their troop…from their side. That means one of them has to sacrifice to become an ivtre, it was a risky move and a desperate plan but Amihan swore to never let the Hathors take over Lireo once again, and that was their only chance.

A letter to Pirena

After finding out from Imaw’s cane about Mine-a’s letter, Pirena wasted no time and went after Gurna. Pirena pointed her sword at Gurna and demanded for Mine-a’s letter, something which Gurna denied to have any knowledge of but eventually took her to the place where she hid the letter after Pirena revealed what she saw in the balintataw. Gurna handed over the letter to Pirena whom she stated to be nonesense since not a single word was comprehensible. But when Pirena opened the letter, words fell into place, and the real message of Mine-a appeared, the letter was enchanted, and Mine-a was smart enough to cast a spell on it so that no one else but Pirena will be able to read it. In that letter, Mine-a stated how saddened she was about how their mother and daughter relationship fell apart after Mine-a chose Amihan to succeed her as queen, and eventhough Mine-a sincerely believed that Pirena does deserve the crown as well, it was Amihan’s fate to become the ruler of the kingdom. But she understood Pirena’s pain and resentment, she understood why she left Lireo and sided with Hagorn, her real father. Mine-a’s only regret is that she failed to let Pirena know that she doesn’t have to become queen for Mine-a was already proud of her first-born, intelligent and courageous. And despite of everything Pirena has done, despite of all the fights and misunderstandings, Mine-a expressed how much she loves her and hopes that one day Pirena will return, because Lireo will never be the same without Pirena. Realizing that Mine-a really loves her, Pirena became angry at how Gurna blinded her and made her believe that her mother and sisters doesn’t love her. Gurna explained that being a half-diwata and half-Hathor was considered a curse by many, Gurna was born to a diwata and a Hathor and bitterly told Pirena how she was mistreated because of her heritage. When Hagorn took her in and made her a spy for Hathoria, Gurna did not hesitate and hid her true identity. Hagorn also told her to keep a close eye on Pirena, something which Gurna took by heart, she didn’t want Pirena to suffer the same fate she had, thus she did everything to turn Pirena into who she is now. Gurna attempted to win Pirena back by asking for forgiveness and urged her to go back to Hagorn’s side, but Pirena did not listen this time and did what she should have done long ago, she stabbed Gurna from behind and plunged the blade deep into her body. Pain and anger was painted all over Pirena’s face. Gurna told Pirena that she sees her as a daughter, but Pirena retorted that she was never her daughter, for she is a daughter of Mine-a. Gurna died in Pirena’s hands, the latter could not believe that the one whom she trusted the most since she was a child was the one who has been deceiving her all along. Cassiopeia appeared shortly after and told Pirena to go to Lireo for her sisters are in the middle of a war against Hagorn and they need her.

Pirena went to Lireo and confirmed that there was indeed an ongoing battle against the Hathors. She was surprised to see Asval once again who has become an ivtre, but wasted no time on him and went to look for Amihan. The sang’gres are about to be reunited.


💎 Encantadia 2005 is no doubt an iconic fantasy series, but Encantadia 2016-2017 has it’s own version of the term, tonight, is definitely one of the BEST episodes ever! From the musical scoring, to the special effects, costumes, to the performance of the entire cast—I’d say, I’m definitely putting this on my list of top episodes! Hands down DMR, I am definitely looking forward for more exciting twists!

💎 So it’s either one of them will sacrifice which is probably the craziest plan Amihan has ever come up, or the sang’gres reuniting. I saw the teaser for Monday’s episode and the sang’gres are using the three gems plus Pirena’s powers which was probably from Ether. Kahlil has been shown a lot in some episodes especially Lira’s journey to Devas and I’m kinda sensing that he will return from Devas along with the other deceased diwatas from Emre’s side. What do you guys think?

❤ But the owner of the spotlight goes to…Glaiza de Castro and Vaness Del Moral! The way Pirena read Mine-a’s letter literally teared me up, and the intense confrontation between Gurna and Pirena was a scene worth replaying. Avisala meiste Gurna! Vaness played the character so well, and I’m honestly gonna miss her, but you know, Pirena has to go back where she truly belongs. And Glaiza, of course, the way she spoke those lines gave me goosebumps, especially the part when she stabbed Gurna from behind and told her, “Hindi mo ako anak, pagkat ako ay anak ni Mine-a.” Damn! I was so blown away! I am speechless!

😈 The comeback is REAL! Avisala Amarro! Up until now, I still see Alfred Vargas as Aquil. But in all fairness, Alfred and Rocco’s father and son chemistry is definitely a must love! I am looking forward for more of Amarro’s story in the next set of episodes!


🤔 BUT WAIIIIT! If ivtres don’t have feelings anymore, why did I sense some concern in Amarro’s eyes when he fought Aquil? Why does Hitano still cares for Lila Sari?

Best performers for this episode:
Glaiza de Castro 🔥
Vaness Del Moral 👃

Rating: 10 out of 10 💎s

Week-ender thoughts: Another week has passed and this has been a super intense week! I am glad that the longest arc aka Pirena the nawawala ng landas arc has finally come to an end, there is a new addition to the cast and I am glad that he is someone from the original saga. In the next episode DMR teased about the diwanis going back to Lireo, and Amihan did say that they have to sacrifice one of them to become an ivtre, remember they cannot fully eliminate Hagorn’s troop yet since the fire and spirit gems are still in Hagorn’s possession. Could it be that either Lira or Mira will die and become an ivtre? Although I know that team Devas will come at the right time, still, is it possible? I wanna know your thoughts, comment below!

Overall best performers for this week:
John Arcilla ☠️
Glaiza de Castro 🔥
Kylie Padilla 🌪

Overall rating: 10 out of 10 💎s

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