ID #14887

Name: Charley
Age: 16
Country: United Kingdom

I love meeting new people, and forming friendships! I’m a generally nerdy person, and I love Sherlock (both BBC and canon), Yuri on Ice, Shakespeare, reading in general, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and loads of other shows!
I’d love to get to know people, and possibly meet up one day too ❤

Preferences: Any gender, or lack thereof! I’d prefer someone within a year or two of my age, but even if you’re not, don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Banshee’s whumps’ list

(referred to Lucas Hood character)

Season 1

.01: involved into shooting and reckless chase without consequences, bar fight, knocked out with a head hit, bloody cut on his head.

.02: nightmares, punched, bad bruise on his forehead for the hit in the previous episode, slapped, threatned at gunpoint, old scars on his back.

.03: memories from the time in jail, angry, under gunpoint, heavy fight with a professional MMA fighter, got the shit beat out of him, bleeding, holding himself together, needing help to walk [thanks, Whump. Duh].

.04: cuts on his forearm, memories from the time in jail, panic attack, fought, reckless chase, jumepd through a glass window, involved into car accident, bloody bruises on his face, dragged out of the car, punched, fought.

.05: hit with a stick twice, bloody cut on his cheek, fought and hit with a stick.

.06: memories from the time in jail: beadly beaten, broken hand, stabbed and cut, roughly slammed to the ground.

.07: drugged and passed out, handcuffed and muzzled, bloody wounds on his wrists (tried very hard to escape), under gunpoint during hostage situation.

.08: still bruises on his wrists.

.09: still bruises on his wrists, fought and punched and kicked, slammed his head against a glass, bloody cuts, ambushed.

.10: ambushed (from previous episode), under heavy gunfire, bloody bruises all over his face and still bruises on his wrists, a little shocked, he surrended himself to his enemy, knocked out with a hit at his neck, punched and hit with teaser (memory of the past), tortured: tied to a chair and badly beaten and almost choken to death, then stabbed, passed out and unconscious on the stretcher then in hospital, sore at home with red swollen bruises and changing the bandage.

Season 2

*Antony Starr had surgery to his right wrist, so his character has the wrist dressed all the season*

.01: still recovering, stab wound still dressed and bleeding, PTSD, nightmares and hallucinations.

.02: PTSD, punched and slapped, fought, bloody cut on his forehead, rough fights, panting, many bloody bruises on his face, disarmed.

.03: rough fight with many bruises, attacked and knocked down with a hit to the heat, bloody cut.

.04: still bruises from previous episode, fought, bloody bruise on his forehead.

.05: under sniper gunfire.

.06: fought without consequences, fought again, cuts on his face.

.07/08: none.

.09: under gunpoint, fought.

.10: memory: fought, boxe workout, captured; under heavy gunfire.

Season 3

*Antony Starr had surgery to his right wrist, so his character has the wrist dressed all the season*

.01: under heavy gunfire without consequences.

.02: fought without consequences.

.03: handcuffed, electrocuted with a taser and knocked out with a kick on his face, bloody nose and dizzy, almost fallen from a running trunck, knocked out again with a punch, almost fallen from a running trunck again, bloody bruises and tied up to a chair, punched several times, tortured with electrified gloves, under heavy gunfire.

.04: still bloody bruises from previous episode, rough fight, punched and hit with a glass bottle, more bloody bruises all over his face, ambushed.

.05: ambushed from previous episode, under heavy gunfire, still bloody bruises all over his face, knocked down from behind, heartbroken.

.06: heartbroken, still some little bruises all over his face, shocked, fought, bloody cut on his forehead.

.07: PTSD, fought.

.08: fought twice, attacked and fought again, bloody bruises on his face, shot twice (memory).

.09: fought without consequences.

.10: memories of past tortures (handcuffed, bruises on his face, dehydrated, chills, chained), under gunfire (plus Gordon’s whump).

Season 4

.01: into a bad shape, upset, attacked without consequences, almost committed suicide (memory).

.02: memory: shot by a pallet rifle.

.03: memory: aftermath of the shot, treated on the field, pallets extracted, blood and fever; under heavy gunfire, arrested and handcuffed.

.04: memory: aftermath of the shot, cleaning of the wounds, pain and crying; incarcerated.

.05: none.

.06: emotional pain and crying.

.07: hit and knocked out, kidnapped and handcuffed, drugged and dizzy, fought without consequences.

.08: fought and bloody nose and almost chocked to death, hit his opponent with his forehead several time, bloody forehead and dizzy, cleaning his own wounds, bruises and bloody cuts.

Banshee’s whumps’ list

(referred to Kurt Bunker character)

Season 3

.05: under heavy gunfire, glass sharpel into his shoulder, bloody cut, shot.

.06/8: none.

.09: fought without consequences.

.10: upset, attacked and restrained and burnt with oxidized flame.

Season 4

.01/2: none.

.03: memory: aftermath of the burnt, hospital, restrained and intubated.

.04-07: none.

.08: rough fight: hit with brass knuckles and bloody cut on his face, stabbed with a car radio antenna, crying.

ID #45272

Name: Kristen
Age: 17
Country: Australia

I Love:

Reading- romance mainly but open to any kind of books

Watching tv/Netflix- Geordie Shore, The Fosters, Call the Midwife (weird I know) and heaps more that I can’t think of right now

Music- I’m up to listening to most types of music just not heavy metal (sorry) but my favourites are Troye Sivan, Angus and Julia Stone, Ed Sheeran, Broods and Ellie Goulding

Travelling- I love travelling. I have only travelled to cities around Australia and also Indonesia

Youtube- I’m constantly watching youtube videos. I love OKBaby, The Dolan Twins, Sacconejolys, Jesssfam, Zoella and all the British YouTuber gang, Jess and Gabe and sooo much more.

I’m a singer, swimmer, dancer, vaulter and horse rider

I am currently studying Indonesian so it would be awesome if someone from Indonesia contacted me cause I’m always up for improving my language skills.

Preferences: I would rather people from ages 15-19
Preferably female
Can be from any country
Any religion, race, sexuality etc
No one who is racist or homophobic, please


At the end of last year, I had the chance to storyboard and direct my first pilot for a new TV Show : the GALACTIC AGENCY ! 

We were a small crew and only had a short time to make it, but i am very proud of it! 

 I would like to thank the creator Julie Chabrol who came up with this great idea and the whole team for the amazing job they have done on the show ! 

I can only show you pictures for the moment, but i hope to post the video soon ;)

ID #31020

Name: Alyson
Age: 18
Country: United States

hiya hiya, I am halfway through my undergraduate degree in strategic political communications at a small liberal arts school in Iowa. I care immensely about public policy, coffee, and a small army of HBO shows. I am at a really weird point in my life where I’m not exactly sure who I am or who I want to be, but I am embarking on a small adventure of self-discovery. I am looking for someone to communicate with who might ground me in a sense of global connectedness. Anyway, Rupi Kaur has this great line where she identifies “the faint line between faith and blindly waiting”. I think that I am currently balanced quite precariously on that line. Oh, and I have a wicked wax seal set so my letters will have PRIME aesthetic.

Preferences: N/A