4 Get Caught Up on Constantine! Stream All 13 Episodes free for a Limited Time!

“If you haven’t yet seen it, you should. If you have, now’s a great time to rewatch it, especially if you’re on Twitter. Many of the show’s stars and writers will be live-tweeting select episodes over the next three days, giving you an opportunity to go deeper into the world of John Constantine as you stream the episodes”.

1. Constantine on NBC 2. Constantine on Hulu 3. #SaveConstantine petition on (We have alreday got almost 28.000 signatures! Thanks everyone!)

Please pay attention! You need to turn off AdBlock or something similar during the online streaming, otherwise I doubt your contribution will be counted.

If you don't live in the USA like me, Hola is quite a choice of a free VPN tool for international fans.


The sun has been good to women,
drying their heads of hair
as they stooped and shook their shoulders
and framed their faces with copper
and framed their eyes with dusk or chestnut.

- Women Washing Their Hair - Poem by Carl Sandburg


Behold the formidable beauty that is Miss Vanessa Ives. #PennyDreadful