Oh queen, how long has it been?
Your wisdom we seek,
Your pure heart we miss.
A noble and just leader, we always long to see.

A mother not just of two but to each and everyone,
A sister who cares even to the wicked one,
A selfless queen who always think of others first before herself,
A simple woman who loves one man.

Oh queen, how long has it been?
Since the last time we saw you smile?
Since the last time you cried?
Since the last time you fought and battled the odds?

Your sacrifice was worth it, but is the pain it caused us worthy?
You were the strength of your brethren,
You were the pillar of your home,
You were the joy to everyone who loves you more than most.

My queen, it has been so long
But you are never forgotten,
Your greatness will be forever etched in our hearts,
I’m holding on to your promise, I have faith in your words,
You will return my queen, and I will welcome you back with arms and heart wide open.

Ode to Hara (by: Iris)


Photo credit: @GMAEncantadia (via Twitter)
Note: Avisala! It’s been a week since I last posted something like this eh? Sensya na beshies, nasabaw ang utak eh, anyways, I intended to write something about Mira but I changed my mind at the last minute because I was browsing some old videos of Amihan, YbraMihan and YbraLiraMihan and I got inspired to write a poem for Amihan instead, and I am a forever fan girl of Amihan so yeah, I miss her as much as you guys do 😭

It’s cool Disney’s making a Tangled tv series, but you know what would have made a better tv series? The Princess and the Frog. Think about it. Tiana and Naveen dealing with all sorts of fun and frustrating customers, Louis trying to connect with humans despite the fact he’s an alligator, visiting Naveen’s home country and his family, Naveen wanting to spend all their money while Tiana still has problems spending it on herself, and you could even bring back Facilier with Tiana and Naveen trying to stop him with the help of Mama Odie. They could even get turned back into frogs in an episode here and there and work with Ray’s family of fireflies. There was so much potential with that move and, unpopular opinion, I think a tv series is wasted on Tangled.