12 Underrated TV Shows On Hulu You Need To Watch Now

School is out for a few weeks (or you’re home for the holidays), and all of your current favorite TV shows will be on winter hiatus for a little bit, so right now is clearly the perfect time to start (and finish) a new series. Bless that Hulu Plus subscription. Hulu may not have as many original series as Netflix does, but they make up for quantity in quality. Hulu is low-key killing it in their original content department, also nabbing some hidden gems for exclusive streaming rights and amazing British series we otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch in America.

So as requested here are a list of films and tv shows (I’m gunna make a separate music one soon too) @windinw @eccentricanomaly @allpaintedincolors


El Laberinto del Fauno- 

This is one of my absolute favourites. It’s a dark fantasy film focusing on a young girl in the civil war.

Como Agua Para Chocolate- 

This is a sweet film that you can definitely relax to it follows a young woman who wants to get married but is unable due to family circumstances. She expresses herself through her cooking.

Todo Sobre Mi Madre- 

This wasn’t a favourite of me but it wasn’t terrible. If you’re into watching films with women having emotional crises’ then maybe this is the one for you.

Habla con Ella- 

A mixture of drama, romance and mystery two men try and hold relationships with two women who are in a coma.

El Bola-

This is definitely not for the faint hearted. El bola focuses on one of the most serious issue in spain, domestic abuse. It follows a young boy abused by his father and the friend he makes.

Diarios de Motocicleta- 

Another of my favourites, this follows the adventures of a young Che Guevara and his friend as they travel across south America.


Another one you can relax to. A young woman comes home to find her mums ghost has returned and a family full of issue she has to solve.

Y Tu Mama Tambien- 

Another relaxing film which follows two teenage boys and an attractive older woman as they take a road trip together.

Mala Mala (Documentary)- 

The story of nine transgendered people in Puerto Rico.

Los Ojos de Julia-

 Another one that’s not for the faint hearted. This is horror film focusing on a woman slowly loosing her sight after her blind sister commits suicide. But the reason why her sister committed suicide is now trying to come for her.

Also, many films are dubbed into Spanish which are worth watching if you’re struggling to find a Spanish film you like. Personally, dubbed films annoy me as the mouths move at a different time to the voices and also I swear there are only three people that do the dubbing of all the films lol. Every voice is the same! Animated films work a lot better for dubbed films, so pick out your favourite kids film and sit down and relax.

TV Shows

Grand Hotel (Kind of like Downton Abbey)

Metastasis (A remake of Breaking Bad)

Club de Cuervos (Tele-drama)

Cambiame (Fashion reality show)

Los Serrano (Tele-drama)

La Voz (Spanish version of The Voice)

Velvet (A bit like Mr Selfridge)

El Ministerio del Tiempo (Time travelling drama)

Yo Soy Bea (Spanish version of Ugly Betty)

Violetta (Disney live action drama)

                          Reblog if you’re a Spanish learner!

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  • 7:Writer I trust enough to read whatever they write?
  • 8:Favourite radio station?
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  • 83:Have I ever had braces?
  • 84:Story behind one of my scars?
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  • 200:Dragons or wizards?
  • 201:A nightmare that has stayed with me?
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  • 203:Do I judge a book by its cover?
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  • 206:Sweet or savoury?
  • 207:Worst job I’ve had?
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TV Show Recommendation: Reply 1997(Answer Me 1997)


it is about growing up(90s), lots of flashbacks and present time things, it is about first love, friendship,  intense fangirling over a band, family, and it is one of the greatest shows I have seen all year, or maybe including last year too. 

Anybody would like this show, even non-kdrama watchers. 

online synopsis for the pilot:  The throwback drama features a group of teenagers who are all 18 years old in the year 1997, and while the story unfolds there, we get a How I Met Your Mother-esque flashforward, where we meet them all again in 2012, as 33-year old adults. They gather for a small high school reunion dinner, and there, one couple will announce that they’re getting married. We just don’t know which pairing survives the 15-year gap.

but it goes soooo much more beyond that. I love this show. Some gif teasers and pics to get you pumped:


I got an anonymous ask wanting to know if I could recommend any other shows with a couple similar to Triles worth watching. The message got deleted but I didn’t forget about you anon. I actually very recently discovered a show called Merli. It’s not in English but if you don’t mind reading subtitles it’s definitely worth watching. Just serch ‘Bruno & Pol English Subtitles’ on youtube or go to RKFanvidder's account. You wont regret it. 


Probably my favorite game/punishment from any reality show I have ever watched.  The Tiny Bubbles Room from The Mole 2.  Also, Anderson Cooper being awesome.

Just go and watch "In The Flesh"

BBC Three aired a three-part drama series set in a post-zombie apocalypse world where a treatment for zombification has been found, and the government is rehabilitating Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS)  sufferers back into society.

After his untimely passing and eventual treatment, Kieran Walker (played by Luke Newberry) finds that life in his home village of Roarton has changed dramatically - and not everyone is ready to greet him with open arms.

If you invest your emotions in one new thing in the near future, let it be BBC Three’s In the Flesh. The story is short, but the storytelling is beautiful, without falling horribly into over-used zombie genre clichés. It addresses the big issues acceptance, tolerance and social stigmas attached to people who are seen as ‘different’ from the norm all using the zombie theme as a metaphor. The audio is also totally different from the metallic, 'screechiness’ akin to other zombie apocalypse shows and movies (looking at you, The Walking Dead.)

Trigger warning: Deals with themes of suicide.

Ever look for fic recommendations and just come away so disappointed in your fandom?


I just had the chance to see the first episode of Narcos, Netflix’s new original series that comes out on August 28th. Normally I refuse to watch stories about drugs and drug dealing, so I was surprised at how good this show is.

It follows two connected storylines. One is Pablo Escobar’s, the colombian drug lord who went on to become the wealthiest criminal in history. Narcos does a great job explaining how this extremely smart, charismatic, ruthless man built his empire, started the cocaine business in Miami, murdered thousands of people (he even put a bomb on a plane that killed the 107 passengers), all the while pretending he was some sort of Robin Hood.

The other story is about the two DEA agents that pretty much devoted their lives to catch Escobar. It took them decades.

So when it comes out, give it a try. The show is in both english and spanish, and it’s a really interesting watch.

lovesickpitch replied to your post: I believe you’ve been asked this before, but have you “cast” anyone who sounds like and/or looks like Gwyn and Augus?

((Makes me wonder why this guy from Lost Girl is talking about Fae… maybe I should look into this show? XD))

It’s a great show from Canada! I mean some of the episodes are hit and miss, but for what it is, and the characters, it is really awesome, has super wicked female characters (the two main cast members are women - and Kenzi is my hero, and the lead woman - Bo - is bisexual and not judged for it), and yeah, it’s great. It deals with fae in ways that I wouldn’t necessarily, but man it’s a great interpretation of the fae world, and I really like here how the fae / humans interact with each other. :D :D :D

Forgive me for the sudden Franklin & Bash spam

But to be honest…

You see, I recently finished watching all of it since the wonderful Laura let me borrow her DVDs. And now I completely understand the awesomeness of this show!
A part of me thinks it’s highly underrated due the fact it’s a lawyer show. But it’s so much more than that! It’s quirky and witty and you’ve got this long list of interesting characters played by amazing actors! It’s just a very unexpected beautiful show. I hope more people will see that. If you’re looking for a new show to watch that’s fun and smart, I highly recommend you give Franklin & Bash a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Okay, I’m done with my rant. You may go about your day as normal.

Shows I constantly rewatch:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Supernatural
  • It’s Always Sunny
  • Party Down
  • Arrested Development
  • 30 Rock
  • Firefly

Other shows I like but have only seen 1-3x (and don’t plan to rewatch soon):

  • The Office
  • Modern Family
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • My So-Called Life
  • Breaking Bad (tho I might rewatch it soon)

Shows I need to watch:

  • Buffy

I keep getting distracted by the first set :’(

Netflix has released the entire first season of Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I have already binged the entire season. Need the second season now. Lots of laughs, endearingly flawed characters, great guest stars. Love Ellie Kemper and Tituss Burgess – they are FANTASTIC. So is Jane Krakowski. Very sad I’ve already watched everything. May have to watch again. #newtvobsession

If you like badass ladies in traditionally male careers taking charge of their own destiny and sexuality, please watch The Fall
If you enjoy Gillian Anderson or Irish accents, please watch The Fall
If you like cute lesbian police officers, please watch The Fall
If you like crime shows, mysteries, ladies solving mysteries with other ladies and taking no shit, strange psychology, compelling leads, or Jamie Dornan being really fucking creepy
Please watch The Fall