The other big relationship that continues to blossom in this episode is between Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora). The duo have become the somewhat stable couple on How to Get Away with Murder and this week they took a huge step: Connor introduces his boy-toy to his friends. This was a tender moment in the bar where fans got to see the law students actually acting like young adults. Falahee and Ricamora have undeniable chemistry on screen. Every time they’re on screen they light up the room and fans cannot help but swoon. The duo end this amazing episode with a drunk Oliver pinning after Connor and saying those three simple words: I love you. Talk about adorable.
In Meereen, Tyrion is trying to broker a peace with the slavers and before this shit gets started, Missandei and Grey Worm are FED UP. Look, Tyrion that dude, he’s BEEN that dude. But right now, your boy is in the super “well intentioned but White as all hell” ally status. Tyrion is the guy who hears folks talking about racism and butts in with some “but Irish people were the first slaves” type shit. Tyrion was a slave for about the same length of time between when that reporter asked Rachel Dolezal if her father was Black and when Rachel Dolezal walked off camera without answering the question. But he out here telling Brown folks that were born into slavery how horrible that shit was. Aiight fam.
Two Cent Riffs: Hit the Diamond

SPOILERS #rupphireforever #supporttheshow

Roy: OK, she clearly saw them and didn’t say or do anything about it?
Julien: Then the mamas would have to jump in and we wouldn’t want that, would we? *wink*

Roy: Why does she think Yellow Diamond actually gives a rat’s ass about her?
Julien: The same reason schools give a rat’s ass about standardized tests.

Julien: Ruby and Sapphire are willingly unfusing? This is crunk serious.
Roy: I know. We haven’t finished fangasming over Dominator yet.

Roy: Well, it is nice to see these two moms again.
Julien: Yeah. Where were their child support?!

Julien: When you just popped a bag of Funyuns.
Roy: When Shyamalan announed Last Airbender 2.
Julien: When you support Trump in public.
Roy: When you consider Ruby and Sapphire a friendship.

Roy: I honestly want to see Amethyst take on all those Rubies.
Julien: I want to see Pearl join in.

Roy: She found a human, guys.
Papyrus: *in the distance* SANS! UNDYNE! HOLY FUCK!

Julien: They could’ve just snuck Peridot out of the barn and let them search.

Roy: Sapphire is smol.
Julien: And Lapis has a bullshit detector. What else is new?

Julien: I’m glad Lapis no snitch and ain’t taking any shit.
Roy: You could say she about that crip life?
Julien: You could say you’re watching this in the corner!

Roy: Ooh, I had a joke about this. So Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Steven walk into a talent agency—
Julien: NOPE! You’re the reason my old 4Chan account was terminated.

Julien: Ok, forget Bob. Sophie is my favorite player.
Roy: You chose Sophia the 1st over Bob’s Burgers?
Julien: You lack a keen taste, my young padawan.

Roy: Man, if they pull a POW. 
Julien: Steven will die if they pull a POW.

Julien: Wait, is she upset about the roob touch or getting an out?
Roy: On the inside, she’s enamored and frustrated on how to react.

Roy: Why do I feel a Samurai Champloo vibe right now?
Julien: C’mon, this is too soft to be Champloo.
Roy: Fooly Cooly?
Julien: Hmm. Better.

Julien: Now this is what I love. Can I watch just these two for 11 minutes?
Roy: What about The Answer?
Julien: The Answer wasn’t satisfying to me. 

Julien: I see Gruff Ruby is trying to compensate.
Roy: Thee with glass houses, Mr. Busy w/ Overwatch

Julien: Going for them sloppy seconds.
Roy: Dude. This riff is SFW.
Julien: Everything’s NSFW if you think long, hard, and far enough.
Roy:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I GUESS!

Julien: I feel for ya, Iris Ruby, always a bridesmaid.

Roy: Fondling the ball.
Julien: You would know.

Julien: Now that is sweet. I gotta respect Noob Ruby with her sportsmanship.
Roy: Wow. I did not expect this comment from you.
Julien: Not every 4Chan user is critical and evil, dude.

Roy: Steven being a boss to the couple. That’s a first.
Julien: And somewhere in the world, a fanfic idea has sprung. Also, why does Sophie now look like Gloop from the Herculoids?

Roy: To think Sweden would censor their lovely conversation.
Julien: Who do they think they are? The South?




Julien: Ouch. A little too soon on the celebratory coitus, ladies.

Julien: It’s a trap. Not gonna happen.

Roy: Peridot quick, your friends about to get destroyed!
Julien: But what about the human that jumped in the well?
Roy: What about the dumbass kid in a well? Where were his parents then, huh?

Roy: Peridot? The leader? Shiiiit, Garnet’s the obvious leader.
Julien: I thought Garnet and Steven were both the leader?
Roy: You’re right.

Julien: In reality, Steven could’ve just asked what did they want with Earth.
Roy: I’m just surprised they weren’t pissed at the Lapis that crashed their ship.

Roy: Hehe, they’re so oblivious.
Julien: Hehe, they’re so high.

Roy: See? She was a sweetheart that can really give some hell.
Julien: Yet she looks badass and does it so well.

Julien: And in the end; The Ruby Platoon headed off to Neptune, Amethyst got a bitch slap for her “compliment”, and once again the day is saved.
Roy: Well this has been the most romantic SU’s ever gone. Now what?
Julien: Until Connie finally makes the move on Steven, the bar has been set.
Roy: Dude, you just spoiled both season three and four.
Julien: Damn it! Well, they’ll never know. Until next time. Oh, one more thing:

Both: All in favor of a Sgt. Ruby spinoff series reblog “Aye!”