“A woman needs to know how to be strong, stand on her own… a'course, boy or a girl, if you’re lucky enough to fall in love you hafta be even stronger… fight like a lion to keep it alive… so that on the day your love is weak enough… or selfish enough… or friggin’ stupid enough to run away, you have the strength to track him down and eat ‘im alive.”

ABOUT ME - 6/? favorite female characters: Tulip O’Hare (Preacher)


AMC’s Preacher + DC/Vertigo’s Preacher: The (un)Holy Trinity comes to life.

“ One look at their faces, and I could tell the Good Lord was using my prayers to wipe his ass.” - Jesse Custer, The Time of the Preacher

found a video from the 90′s about some TV preacher warning people about the evils of Pokemon, D&D, and Magic the gathering and apparently I have been playing wrong because according to him whenever you want to cast a summon spell in Magic you have to pick up a huge stick and wave it around chanting “Spirits come to me”