Gift Guide 2012: Ideas for TV lovers from ‘Breaking Bad’ to 'The Vampire Diaries’

It’s that time of year again: Holiday gift-buying crunch time. If you still don’t know what you want to get your best friend, sister, or annoying co-worker, Zap2it has all the answers! For our first holiday gift guide of 2012, we’ve got some solid gift ideas for the TV lover in your life.

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hi! would it be possible for you to write kids!2min showing their affection for each other in front of jongyu? after reading your latest update (w/minho coming back home), i can't stop myself from imagining the horror and surprise in jonghyun's face when kids!2min decides to show them their cute kiss.. you know, like after watching lovers on tv give each other a kiss.. if this is ridiculous, pls feel free to ignore XD



There were so many endearing things about Taemin that Jonghyun just could not keep track of even if he wanted to. But there was one new thing he had seen Taemin do in his break that he found utterly, ridiculously adorable. Maybe because it involved Jinki.

Taemin was a cute little Jinnie-copycat.

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ID #95723

Name: Vlada
Age: 21
Country: Ukraine

Hi, I am an interpreter and book lover, and I would love to find some new friends.
I love reading (obviously), I like American literature the most, but still I enjoy literature of other countries as well. Also enjoy watching movies, TV shows and writing from time to time.
I am feminist and it would be nice to communicate with someone with similar views.
Also I am Gryffindor (and great Harry Potter fan).
By the way if you need any practice in Russian or Ukrainian I would love to help!

Preferences: over 18
gender doesn’t matter


Nick Wechsler talks about being an ambassador for ATX TV Festival, what he loves about the festival, what panels he’s excited for, his favorite show and what show he recommends for TV lovers during the Queen of the South Red Carpet at ATX TV Festival on June 9, 2016.

Carol Vorderman Admits Dating A Toyboy Was 'A Bit Silly'

Carol Vorderman has opened up about her love life as she insists that she is happily single after splitting from her toyboy lover.

The TV presenter, who has been divorced twice, recently broke up with Graham ‘Duffy’ Duff after four long years together, and has admitted that dating somebody so much younger than her was “a bit silly”.

Still, four years isn’t too shabby for something you  consider silly, is it?

Speaking to The Mirror, the 55-year-old shared: “I’m not opposed to going out with someone ten years younger, it’s acceptable. But Duffy was fourteen years younger - that was a bit silly really.”

Carol also revealed that she is hoping to stay single for a long ol’ while, adding: “I’m happily single, freely independent and doing my own thing.

"The best thing about being single is being able to do what you want. If I want to lie in, I will. Or I’ll go see a friend, without having to check in with anyone. I can’t bear checking in.

"Asking, 'Oh, is it all right, darling? Do you mind if I go?’ I can’t do that any more - there’s no way I’m going to start again.”

The star had two children, 24-year-old Katie and 19-year-old Cameron, with her second husband Patrick King and now that they’re both grown up she hopes to fly an aeroplane around the world after Duffy taught her how to pilot during their romance.

It sounds like Carol could not be happier and is seriously embracing the single life.

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54, 58 and 59 :3

Ask me my top threes

54: Top 3 types of foreign food

1. Udon with shichimi togarashi
2. Chicken tikka masala
3. Anything Asian really, just like the top 2 xD

58: Top 3 languages you speak/wish to speak 

1. Japanese (speak)
2. English (speak)
3. Estonian (wish to speak)

59: Top 3 series (book, movie, television)

1. Diabolik Lovers (game/anime/manga/drama cd/why do i even bother)
2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (manga/anime)
3. Kingdom Hearts (game/manga)