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  • 7-19-16

Just Whistle

Warner Archive Podcast Episode #296  Runtime: 37 min.

This week features films starring: Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Chad Everett, James Daly, Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Michael J. Fox and Bruce Willis

First up we discuss Howard Hawks’ masterpiece, To Have and To Have Not (1944) with Bogie and Bacall’s first pairing and now on Blu-ray. Then we move on to television on disc with The 100 Season Season 3 (2015-16) on Blu and the final installment of Medical Center with Season 7 (1975-76) now on DVD. The next bunch of films were on DVD before in pan and scan format and have now been remastered and released on 16x9 Widescreen DVDs including Stealing Home (1988) with Mark Harmon, In Country (1989) starring Bruce Willis, Doc Hollywood (1991) with Michael J. Fox, Born to be Wild (1995) with an ape and My Fellow Americans (1996) starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner. Then we answer one amazing letter!

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CultureTV: The Wire - HD - Premieres Today - 9:00A12:00P - HBO Signature

Today begins a five-day, five-season, full-series marathon of the popular show and it starts at noon EST on HBO Signature. The channel will air one full season per day through December 30. By that count, that means that Season 4 (arguably the best) airs on Monday 12/29. 

This photo features Michael K. Williams as Omar Little, one of the most important and profound characters in black pop culture history. Don’t sleep on what most critics and TV fans call the ‘greatest TV series of all time’. Gritty, violent and brutally honest cable drama. A classic.


A Brief Intro to Ludwig Von Drake

When Walt Disney’s weekly TV show moved from ABC to NBC in 1961, it signaled more than just a change in venue. For one thing, that’s when the show switched from black and white to color. For another, the first NBC episode introduced a character who would serve as co-host and announcer for the compilations of old theatrical cartoons that were to form an increasingly prominent part of the show’s offerings – Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

Ludwig Von Drake first appeared in An Adventure in Color, which aired on September 24, 1961. This made Von Drake the first “marketable” Disney animated character created for television.

The German-accented Professor was simultaneously introduced in the Disney comic books and the Donald Duck newspaper strip, where he was identified as one of Donald’s uncles. For a short time (VERY short – it only lasted four issues), Von Drake even had a comic book of his own, published by Dell Comics between 1961-1962.

Von Drake’s voice was provided by the legendary voice actor Paul Frees, famous to most Disney fans for his work as the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion.

During the 1960s, Professor Ludwig Von Drake hosted over a dozen cartoon compilations. Von Drake also lent his universal expertise to such non-compilation animated offerings as Three Tall Tales and The Truth about Mother Goose (both 1963). He was even shoehorned into the TV version of Fun and Fancy Free – the feature that has Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Mickey and the Beanstalk – where he replaced Jiminy Cricket as the emcee! In 1962, Von Drake appeared in the Oscar-nominated theatrical release, A Symposium of Popular Songs, which was done in an interesting cut-out technique rather than as traditional cel animation. Thirty years later, he co-starred in Quack Pack, a mid-1990s TV cartoon about Donald’s nephews as teenagers.

Ludwig Von Drake has never been one of Disney’s quote/unquote “superstars,” but he remains a well-loved character to this day.

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