I DREAM OF JEANNIE: If you had three wishes for this week, what would those wishes be?

For our downstairs air conditioner to repair itself at no charge, for my car air conditioner to repair itself at no charge, and for my shoulder to stop hurting at no charge.

BEWTICHED: If you had witchy powers you could use to enact a little harmless revenge, what would you use your powers for?

For all republicans to be injected with a healthy dose of empathy and self-doubt.

MARY TYLER MOORE: If you were a part of a local evening news team, what segment would you present, i.e., weather, breaking news, sports, etc.

Cooking segment

THE ADDAMS FAMILY: Name something odd/unique/quirky about your family.

It’s functional.

GILLIGAN’S ISLAND: What useful item would you bring to a deserted island?

Garlic press

HAPPY DAYS: Favorite after-school hangout

The Max

LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY: Favorite roommate?


I LOVE LUCY: All-time favorite comedienne?

Maria Bamford

LASSIE: Current pet(s) name(s)?

Derby, Neko, Maia, Snuffles, Rosetta, Tetris

DENNIS THE MENACE: Most mischievous thing you did as a kid?

I blew up the Challenger.

Thanks, Bryce!

CultureTV: The Wire - HD - Premieres Today - 9:00A12:00P - HBO Signature

Today begins a five-day, five-season, full-series marathon of the popular show and it starts at noon EST on HBO Signature. The channel will air one full season per day through December 30. By that count, that means that Season 4 (arguably the best) airs on Monday 12/29. 

This photo features Michael K. Williams as Omar Little, one of the most important and profound characters in black pop culture history. Don’t sleep on what most critics and TV fans call the ‘greatest TV series of all time’. Gritty, violent and brutally honest cable drama. A classic.