It’s in your radio and TV, microwave and toaster. It's probably on your face right now, and it's the sparkle in your car paint.

60% of the world’s mica comes from India where it’s mined by 20,000 landless and illiterate miners, many of them children. One pound of the mineral sells for $450-900, but the miners only get ~7 cents.

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John Steed’s Jaguar from the 70s TV show ‘The New Avengers’ is for sale with H&H classics. The famous Jaguar, in Racing Green, was the eighth XJ-C 12 made and originally an experimental model featuring a Broadspeed body kit and extra-wide wheels. Dry-stored for many years and now in need of restoration. The character of John Steed was played by Patrick Macnee in both the original 1960s Avengers TV series and in The New Avengers, he sadly died in June of this year


Jimmy asked for your #WorstRoadTripEver tweets, and you did not disappoint!!!

If you have nothing that you’re good at, it’s best to be good at nothing at all. That’s pretty damn zen for a child.


It’s intentionally difficult to gauge when It Follows is supposed to be set. Everything has a vintagy feel. The old televisions, cars, and black-and-white movies make it seem like a hipster’s dream. A driving 80’s horror-synth soundtrack (by Rich Vreeland of Disasterpeace) follows the characters as they live a sleepy life in an run-down suburb of the further disintegrating Detroit, and their lives are accented by stylistic beauty of a curated mix of relics from different decades. The only nod to the “present” exists both in the future and the past: a pink kindle-iphone type device that looks like a 1960s pink clamshell compact. It’s a brilliant touch that had me craving it immediately and hating that it didn’t actually exist.


AMT Piranha, 1966. Designed by Gene Winfield, the Piranha was used in the third series of the original The Man from U.N.C.L.E. TV show. It is based on a Chevrolet Corvair but features a sleek exterior design fit for a high-ranking United Network Command for Law and Enforcement operative. AMT were actually model makers but they produced a few production versions of the Piranha for sale