tv statics

life update

hello! i feel like i’ve been disconnected for awhile, so i’m saying hello.

here’s some things:

  • I’m currently writing a Stucky fic, and I keep joking that it’s my MCU orange fic because it’s my favorite genre, as previously stated, Two Cute Sad Gays On A Farm. I’ve not really written anything other than Silverflint so I hope, if you’re a fan of Stucky, you’ll give it a read once it’s posted
  • I’m doing this while waiting to post my Big Bang fic which I thought we had to be really secretive about but apparently we don’t??? Big Bangs confuse the everloving shit out of me but my BB is an extended BLACK SAILS NOIR fic so i’ll guess i’ll start teasing that somehow?
  • Fandom trivia/easter egg for you: i capitalize BLACK SAILS NOIR as an inside reference with myself only because when I was in high school I was obsessed with this one forever WIP fic called BUFFY SEASON 8 NOIR which was a season 8 fanfic so it’s not SET in the 1920s like mine and really is not like my fic in any way, but it was unbelievable and one of my first major WIP heartbreaks so if you’re a buffy fan and it’s still online, you should check it out
  • I’ve still got this cold, man
  • I accidentally took a real Thirst Trap photo yesterday that I could use if I actually used dating apps properly (like i’m fully dressed but it’s full Tits and Ass with no face) but I don’t use dating apps properly so I don’t know what to do with it but I’m not going to delete it because i look hot, which i….. have never thought about myself ever. suggestions? get it put on a mug? 
  • I’ve been cooking more recently!! if you have any (chicken) recipes you like, send them my way! i’m starting to enjoy the process of cooking which is weird as fuck tbh
  • Work is okay. I’m trying to put together my first Meeting that I actually Lead like a Boss but it’s with like 20 different people and it’s fucking easier to get the Avengers to assemble jesus fucking christ
the signs as aesthetics

aries - dirty high tops, varsity jackets, sunrises, graffiti, pins and patches, lightning, live concerts, wide grins, lollipops, skinny jeans, matches, the moment before the drop on a roller coaster

taurus - flower crowns, oversized sweaters, mom jeans, mugs, leather, log fires, sunlight peeking through the window, leaves, succulents, journals, sleeping in on the weekends, messy buns

gemini - bright eyes, bicycles, overalls, new friends, art museums, iced coffee, infectious laughter, pastel colors, bubblegum, new books, speakers, yellow highlighter, singing in the shower

cancer - the beach, hair blowing in the wind, bath bombs, conch shells, balloons, the moon, soft serve, the sound of raindrops against the window, knee high socks, running barefoot, inspirational quotes

leo - gold stars, sparklers, mascara, romantic poetry, mirrors, sunflowers, running through a meadow, glitter, fairy lights, hot baths, monarch butterflies, sunny days, bright eyeshadow

virgo - french braids, calligraphy, bookstores, collared shirts, to-do lists, teacups, watercolors, mason jars, dainty hands, cuffed pants, fresh linens, classic literature, potted plants, bullet journals, clear aviators

libra - cotton candy clouds, bubble baths, cherry blossoms, lace, lip gloss, ferris wheels, gentle eyes, holding hands, pink lemonade, candy hearts, novels, birds chirping, strawberries, vintage cars

scorpio - sunsets, midnight conversations, driving on an empty highway, listening to the radio, rainy days, crescent moon, tv static, all-nighters, white sheets, the ocean

sagittarius - road trips, beanies, doodling, maps, getting lost, stargazing, forests, fireflies, polaroids, cameras, paint-stained jeans, light bulbs, messy ponytails, traveling the world

capricorn - architecture, silhouettes, sheet music, mountains, old books, coffee shops, high ceilings, history museums, skylines, nude lipstick, spiral staircases, neat handwriting, cobblestone

aquarius - combat boots, neon signs, geodes, starry skies, pool water, song lyrics, bulky headphones, space, telescopes, multi-colored fairy lights, smoke, activism, 24-hour gas stations, dyed hair

pisces - daydreaming, umbrellas, finger paint, sketchbooks, getting lost in your thoughts, ice cream trucks, earphones, leggings, sweatshirts, paint chips, swing sets, daisies, milkshakes, bubbles, scented candles

on a scale of one to ten how sad are you.

you almost say seven but the answer floats in your lungs like rising mud. you shift your shoulders. some part of you is already forming an excuse. that it’s not that bad sometimes. one, two, three on a day that the clouds are out. you’re just complaining about stuff. yesterday you laughed past a brick of a four, does that make the brick come down to a two-point-five.  the solid seven panic attack of last tuesday feels somehow like a little thorn, just a regular day full of a gentle three-point-nine earthquake rocking after yesterday’s close-to-an-eight. see but if tomorrow you have a real bad day, it will make today look simple.

and what if. what if tomorrow it’s a big old red eight-point-nine. like one of those days where sirens are going off in every part of you but you’re stuck behind a glass window watching it all burn down. like one of those days that your skin against the air feels foreign. like too much of everything. like sitting-in-the-shower, like can’t-eat, like the tide isn’t just coming in, it came while you were sleeping and now you’ve gotta learn how to swim. like bounce me against a bullet hole kind of day.

you keep numbers like nine and ten way out of reach. those are for the people who really are suffering. you’ve got no excuse. nine and ten are funeral numbers, for real problems, not yours, no. and sometimes you’re fine. and you’re kind of used to it. and it’s not sad, it’s just numb like a television caught on static. numb like i can’t remember if i care about this. numb like nothing works but i can’t be bothered to fix it. that’s not sad that’s every day stuff. everybody feels like this, right? feels like they’ve been shut off. right.  

maybe five. right in the middle. like not gonna shoot myself but i’m not wasting your time. a nonanswer. like could be worse could be better. like i need help but i don’t want you to worry even though i need someone to worry about me because i can’t worry about myself. maybe five. but what if five is too small. what if five is too big. what if -

“on a scale of one to ten,” he repeats into your silence, and then pauses. “and please be honest about this.”


Get a first look at Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, an upcoming TV movie.


Sombra | Sleuth (Collaborative effort with @quorgi)

Ever since her identity was revealed in Dorado, Sombra has pestered Reaper for a custom-tailored disguise.

  • Abilities have a black and white tv static effect.
  • Holographic pad replaced with a holographic typewriter.
  • Translocator is a makeup kit.
  • Sugar Skull holograms have an added mask.