tv's in a forest


Exercice de course quadrupède à Gobelins avec une interprétation graphique qui a dérivé sur un très court réalisé sur les deux dernières semaines.

Merci beaucoup à Maxime qui m’a aidé sur deux plans d’anim et sans qui je n’aurais pas fini dans les temps…

Things to look forward to in 3D Sinnoh

-floaroma town
-honey trees!!!
-valley windworks
-eterna forest
-the old chateau & rotom’s tv!!
-amity square ! ! !
-more contests!!!
-lakes verity, valor, and acuity
-snowpoint temple !
-sendoff spring and wayward cave 👻😱
-distortion world???
-since deoxys (a previously unobtainable Pokémon outside of an event) was catchable in ORAS, maybe we’ll have access to flower paradise or new moon island in-game!!!!


For today’s quote of the day, I share with you only a very small fraction of hilarious lines from one Lorelai Gilmore! She is by far one of my all time favourite characters on TV, she is brillaint. Not that this is even possible, but if by some weird reason you have not seen Gilmore Girls; I suggest you do so… ASAP 😍🙌🏼🔥😭

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