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Please listen

 I want to adress this for the last time, to clear things up. 

Disclaimer: Don´t go and harass said person, dont send them any anon hate. 

@nanbakapersonalsharassme/gaymerrinharassme/trick-or-defeat-harassme or whatever you change your url into, can you PLEASE just listen to what I have to say? 

What do you have against me?

What have I done to you?


I am not one owners of the _-against-pedos blogs.  I do not own any of said blogs. I don´t. 

You´ve been slandering my name for really a long time, and even posted a story on instagram as I´ve heard from my close friends recently. You even found my personal instagram that I have not shared anywhere.

You´ve been namedropping my name countless of times. You´ve been stalking my main blog and this blog since we had our first beef.  

You´ve been accusing me of ALOT of things that is untrue, telling people i have reposted and stolen peoples artwork, telling them that all those blogs that send you harassment are me, when infact, THEIR NOT. 

I´ve been having panic attacks after night after night due to what you have posted about me, what lies you have spread about me.

I’m asking you to stop, leave me alone, leave alone, stop telling lies the drama is my fault, change your urls and leave me alone. Move on and please just forget all about me 

Still Salty

Remember GoR? (the user who took a TON of adoptable orders, demanded payment upfront, and then disappeared without refunds or art) Well, they’re back. Everyone deserves to play the game.. I understand that. The thing that makes me salty about this is that instead of just playing the game they posted “Coming Back"  in FRD. I can’t produce a screenshot but here’s the text in the thread "is it a smart move to come back to fr after some bad drama went down? I just want to play again :( ” I guess what makes me salty about this is part of my dumbass thought that there was a slim chance of me getting a refund back? But that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. All of the posts in the thread are about how this person shouldn’t be afraid to come back to the game if they want to.. which again, I totally understand. But I just fucking hate this user because they’re a scammer who tries to guilt trip people when they get called out on their shit with excuses like “I was in Hawaii.” All of their excuses are legit but my main problem is where are the funds that they were already sent?? Why the FUCK did they spend them before they made the art? Had they not done that and just given everyone refunds there wouldn’t have been issues?  I know I should just forget about them, block, and move on.. but I’m still fucking salty months later.
‘No’ is not an Option

Summary: Moutainridge Institute is known to be the training ground of the most successful images of soicty. But Park Chanyeol never wanted to be one of them. What he wanted were late night parties, booze, girls, and meaningless fuck. But his father threw him to this hell hole and he’d never forgive him for that. 
But the school doesn’t seem to be that boring. Not when an old flame would be one of his professor. 
Author: parkanjae
Length: Chaptered 
Status: Completed 
Genre: Drama, Angst, Age Gap, Fluff, College au
Rating: NC-17 
Warning: Mention of death, abuse, self-harm

anonymous asked:

Hi, a big fan of yours and of your characters. But you are falling into dangerously transphobic territory with your recent posts, doesn't matter what you identify as or what your beliefs are. But the things you are saying are not coming off as I believe you intend for them to, and as someone who enjoys seeing you on my dash I would love if you took a few moments to re-read all the stuff you just said. Sorry.

Oi, I’d never get into that territory anon, I am literally trans myself. If you think I say it the wrong way, feel free to correct me!! (english as second language is also a factor) 

I’m honestly trying to see where you see that? Is it the “women pretending to be a gay man” thingy? cause that’s in a pure WoW Roleplay thing I’m talking about. I’m not talking about closeted trans ppl on the internet. I knew a guy trans guy, who once told me he “pretended to be a guy on internet as a teenager” cause he didn’t realize he was trans yet, he didn’t know it was a thing. 

But that’s absolutely not what I’m talking about there, I’m talking about women with fetishes on trans and gay people, Roleplaying as them for their own gross fantasies. That’s literally it!

If someone dares to see my posts in the wrong context, they can unfollow me rn, I do not tolerate transphobic assholes

I know that the RoR arguments have been in full force this year. Yeah the skins are gonna be gross because it’s plague and it’s completely valid to take a break from the site during RoR or just not look at the skins to avoid issues. It’s not valid to try to say that plague shouldn’t get an holiday, etc.

But you know what bothers me? People were all over the place going “this is gonna mess with people’s gore/trypophobia triggers!!!!” yet there’s an accent that, at the time of posting this, is on page 11 of the submissions.

It’s there to intentionally trigger trypo. It is literally named “The walking trypophobia" 

Where’s the outrage now? Intentionally making a skin to trigger a phobia is one of the worst things you could do. Someone did it before and got shit on, where’s the salt now???

anonymous asked:

im so upset about the zorasdomain thing, i left them a nice message on her last post and saw the post right afterwards, i feel so bad 😰i wish you could delete replies

God fuck me too man me too…..I literally told her “good luck with your future! 💖” or something like that. I’m usually way more talkative and I can say a lot more but I decided not to this time cuz I have a headache debilitating my capacity to think as clearly as usual and I am grateful for that this one time! However I wish we could erase our replies. This is really…..sickening. Undeserving of any of our good wishes.

psa: if you see any drama on your dash - it’s always a good idea to look into it yourself. seriously, google is your friend! you can look things up on tumblr, the way back machine, ask friends, etc. always check your sources.

if you want to avoid drama all together, x-kit has an amazing extension called “PostBlock”. it’s awesome. all you have to do is press the postblock button, and you never have to see it again (including reblogs!) it saves lives. i highly recommend it.

Revenge Creates More Revenge
Mystery Skulls Animated
Revenge Creates More Revenge

I thought about this after watching Hellbent, we’ve been told our whole lives that hate creates more hate…I imagine revenge follows the same rule?
Lewis got what he wanted, but in the end, it may just be his own undoing.

Especially when someone has been with Arthur…for quite some time.

Characters created by @mysterybensmysteryblog and @artsyfeathersartsyblog !

Cerchiamo la pace dove non c'è più.

— Madman, Gemitaiz, Clementino; Drama

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Do you watch Meteor Garden? It’s so good!!! I’m almost finish with the show but I don’t want to finish it. I’ve been saving the last few episodes. 😩 What dramas would you recommend I watch next?

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One of my fav quote, find you someone who says this to you:

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Also in Meteor Garden they are so fluffy

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And ofc I am already in love with the lead

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I recommend:

  • Reply 1988
  • You who came from the stars
  • Goblin
  • Secret Garden
  • Dae Jang Geum
  • The greatest Love
  • Kill Me, Heal Me
  • The Moon that Embraces the Sun
  • Coffee Prince
  • Descendants of the Sun