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10 Black Shows I’d Like To See On Netflix

1. Martin

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Moesha

4. The Parkers

5. My Wife & Kids

6. The Wayans Bros

7. Kenan and Kel

8. Smart Guy

9. One on One

10. Everybody Hates Chris

so the Imposters tv show looks really great and promising:

  • we have a bisexual female con artist who seduces men and women, makes them fall in love with her, then takes them for all they’re worth
  • she is played by an israeli-american actress
  • three of her ex-spouses: two men and one woman, all decide to team up, track their mutual ex-wife down and get some payback. but in a non-threatening, this is a black comedy about con artists kind of way. all of them are still adorably hung up on her
  • one of the two men is Jewish, from a traditional Jewish family, and he’s at the center-stage of the trio
  • and the con artist girl is not painted as the dreaded Depraved Bisexual trope, but is a very likeable human being who is just doing her job, is a part of a larger scheme, and circumstances are more than they seem
  • and i got the sense that instead of her mark she is about to actually fall in love, for real, with a handsome MOC
  • also, Uma Thurman is there