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10 Black Shows I’d Like To See On Netflix

1. Martin

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Moesha

4. The Parkers

5. My Wife & Kids

6. The Wayans Bros

7. Kenan and Kel

8. Smart Guy

9. One on One

10. Everybody Hates Chris

so the Imposters tv show looks really great and promising:

  • we have a bisexual female con artist who seduces men and women, makes them fall in love with her, then takes them for all they’re worth
  • she is played by an israeli-american actress
  • three of her ex-spouses: two men and one woman, all decide to team up, track their mutual ex-wife down and get some payback. but in a non-threatening, this is a black comedy about con artists kind of way. all of them are still adorably hung up on her
  • one of the two men is Jewish, from a traditional Jewish family, and he’s at the center-stage of the trio
  • and the con artist girl is not painted as the dreaded Depraved Bisexual trope, but is a very likeable human being who is just doing her job, is a part of a larger scheme, and circumstances are more than they seem
  • and i got the sense that instead of her mark she is about to actually fall in love, for real, with a handsome MOC
  • also, Uma Thurman is there


TV shows to watch this Spring

It used to be that when you reached Spring, most of your favourite shows were coming to an end for the season and you would have a long wait until Fall for the new season (if it survived the chop), however with streaming services such as Netflix and also on-demand services it means many really high quality shows are launching throughout the year, many of them at around this time of year. From 13 Reasons Why, a teen-drama on Netflix to Big Little Lies, a tale of murder among the wealthy on HBO, there is something for everyone out there - regardless of what your tastes in TV are.

13 Reasons Why, all episodes available on Netflix

Over the last few years it feels like everything Netflix touches turns into gold dust and becomes an instant classic, thinking of the lines of House of Cards, OITNB and Stranger Things to name a few, the same can (and will) be said about 13 Reasons Why. The show is based on a teen-drama about a tough issue, suicide, and sees secrets unravel around the main character (Clay). Once you start watching 13 Reasons, you will not want to stop - let the binge watching commence.

Ingobernable, all episodes available on Netflix

I usually don’t enjoy foreign-language TV shows, it usually feels hard to follow and really complex - I suppose thats the joy of foreign-language TV, however Ingobernable is an exception. The show based around the First Lady of Mexico and the end of her marriage to the President is compelling and really high quality TV Show. Once you get over the fact there are subtitles - the show becomes easy to follow and a really enjoyable watch. It is also helped by the catchy theme which grips you right from the start. It is a political drama but it takes a unique perspective which normally isn’t explored.

Big Little Lies, Sundays 9pm - HBO (US), Mondays 9pm - Sky Atlantic (UK)

The only reason I started watching Big Little Lies was really because of the cast, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, in the lead roles. However, when I started watching, it suddenly became apparent is this is an amazing pice of television. A story about the wealthy in Monterey, CA. From the outside they have the perfect lives, on the inside they’re rotten to the core - something we all need to see. We all know there has been a murder, we just don’t know who the victim is.

Designated Survivor, Wednesdays 10/9c - ABC (US), Thursdays - Netflix (UK)

Designated Survivor is one of those shows that in all honesty doesn’t match over shows in its genre - House of Cards, Scandal and Madam Secretary - to name a few, but it really does keep you gripped. It opens with the destruction of American democracy in a terror attacks which sees HUD secretary, Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) become President unexpectedly. I personally find it very over the top, however I keep watching because I really need to know what happens. You might complain (like me) but you will still follow it through to discover who is behind the conspiracy.

Grace and Frankie, all episodes available on Netflix

What do you do when your husband of many years tells you he is gay ? it would be a hard thing for anyone to take in, but Grace and Frankie tells the story of the two affected wives and how there life changes because of it, through a truly hilarious show. What makes this even better, is that the show gets better with age and every season gets better. It is written by Marta Kauffman, most famous for writing Friends, so you know that there is a real genius behind the setup - which stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin (both from 9 to 5) and Martin Sheen.

Taboo, FX (US) available on BBC iPlayer (UK)

Taboo sees Tom Hardy play the role of James Keziah Delaney who faces off agains the East India Company, a show both with high drama but also an historical aspect. The show is set in the nineteenth century and is really dark in its outset and whole production. It is still available on catchup and is well worth the watch and a stand out British show from 2017 so far…

The Good Fight, Sundays - CBS All Access (US), Thursdays 9pm - More4 (UK)

If you loved the Good Wife, then I can promise you will love the Good Fight. Even with the absense of Alicia and Cary, you still get the true essence of what make the original one of the best legal dramas ever. The Good Fight is more risqué and hearing Diane Lockhart say “F***” just makes it all worth while. The best parts of the Good Wife are kept in this spin-off which makes it a good show in its own light - especially with it being political in the age of Trump. 

House of Cards, Seasons 1-4 on Netflix now, Season 5 available May 30th

Even though Season 5 doesn’t debut until May, House of Cards still needs to be featured on this list. The show was and still is a true game changer for television with its intense and gripping storyline of congressman turned President, Frank Underwood, who uses manipulation and murder to get to where he is and has the determination to be a ruthless pragmatist and remove whoever is in his way. This will easily be one of the highlights of the year in television as we see how the Underwoods face re-election and the prospect of a new ‘War on Terror’.

Riverdale, Thursdays 9pm (E.T) The CW (US) and Fridays on Netflix (UK)

Riverdale is based on the characters of Archie Comics and is a teen drama based around a perfect town, as it would be seen from the outside, however under this facade there is a dark tale of a death in the school which changes things forever.