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Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon Set to Star in HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’

HBO has cast Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon in its film adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451,” TheWrap has learned.

The classic 1953 book by Ray Bradbury tells of a world where books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found. In this future America, people have adapted to a faster lifestyle, tuning into TV to dull any pain. The story follows a fireman named Montag, who meets a teenage girl and decides to see what he’s been missing in books. He then goes to war with his mentor, who knows what he’s up to, and struggles to regain his humanity.

Jordan will star as Montag and Shannon will star as his mentor Captain Beatty.

Shannon will be reuniting with “Fahrenheit 451” co-writers Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi, who he worked with on the feature “99 Homes.” Shannon was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance.

Bahrani is set to also direct and executive produce. Sarah Green of Brace Cover Productions, Michael B. Jordan, Alan Gasmer, and Peter Jaysen are also set to executive produce.

The film was announced almost exactly a year ago in April 2016, with Bahrani set to direct.

HBO said the film is currently in development and hasn’t provided a tentative release date.

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Rude Interruptions // Kim Yugyeom ft. Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader x Jackson

Genre: Getting caught // A little suggestive // Almost smut // Comedy

Summary//Request: Please do a Yugyeom push against the wall kind of kiss thing and they fet interrupted by Jackson before they can actually do what they want and then Jackson makes fun of them as he notices the obvious sexual tension.

“Are you sure no ones home?” you breathed against Yugyeom as his hands began travelling over your body, his lips ghosting over yours as he backed you up against the living room wall. You felt excitement and nervousness course through your veins at the thought of someone walking in on your very intimate moment you were sharing with your boyfriend.

“Everyone’s gone for the day” he hushed you as his lips found yours, trapping you between himself and the wall as he pressed his body against yours. You stood on your toes to put your arms over his shoulders as his hands explored underneath your thighs, still kissing you as he did so.

“Jump” he murmured. You wrapped your legs around his waist as his long fingers gripped your thighs. He began rolling his hips, creating friction between both of your cores eliciting a soft mewl from your lips as you felt Yugyeom’s member harden against your clothed womanhood. You moaned into his mouth, edging him on more as he moved his hands to your ass and gave it a tight squeeze.

Suddenly, you both heard the front door of the dorm open.

“Fuck, Yugyeom!” you almost screamed, as he very nearly dropped you to the ground. A look of panic swept across both of your faces as you began straightening out your clothes and ran over to the sofa to sit down and act like nothing was going on as you both stared in front of you at the blank television screen. Yugyeom pulled a cushion over the very obvious tent in his trousers, before seconds later, in walked none other than Jackson.

“Sup guys” Jackson said, not even looking in your direction as he walked passed you both and went straight for the kitchen, leaving the door open between the rooms.

“Hey Jackson…” you called out, looking at Yugyeom in panic. Yugyeom closed his mouth tight, his face burning crimson while trying to calm his heart beat as Jackson continued to talk to you both.

“…and then I said ‘Well why don’t you just give me 5 for the price of 4 and we’ll call it a deal?’ And he gave me them no problem! This is why you have to barter, kids.” he said as he walked back into the living room with a tray of food he just bought from an organic market. Jackson set the tray on the table in front of the sofa before tuning the TV on and squeezing right in between the both of you.

“So, what have you guys been up to?” he asked while setting the tray back on his lap.

Neither of you spoke as you both tried to come up with something natural to say. You glanced over at Yugyeom who was still looking forward with the pillow firmly placed on his lap. “Um, well we were just about to watch TV when you came in…” you trailed off before looking to Jackson who had been looking at you the entire time.

“…Are you okay (Y/N)? You seem a bit dazed. Did you eat today? Do you want some of my food?” he asked, offering you some with his chop sticks, to which you shook your head. “Ahh no thank you, honestly I’m fine I just…I’m just tired that’s all.” You smiled as genuinely as you could. Jackson squinted at you, knowing something was up. He turned to Yugyeom and noticed the pillow that he was clutching very tightly on his lap.

“…hey Yugyeom can I borrow the pillow to put under my tray? It’s uncomfortable on my lap”

“No Jackson” Yugyeom replied quickly, making Jackson flinch. Jackson began squinting at him also, looking back between you both.

“Give me the pillow Yugyeom” he said calmly

“No” Yugyeom said firmly.

“Why won’t you give me the pillow? Why are you holding it so tightly? Are you hiding something from me?” Jackson let question upon question fall out of his mouth, his curiosity burning with desire. Your eyes widened, hoping that Yugyeom had become a little less excited down there now as Jackson was adamant about wanting the pillow.

Jackson suddenly grabbed the pillow, yanking it straight out of Yugyeom’s grip before feasting his eyes on his obvious boner through his pants.

“OH MY GOD NO” he screamed as he began to laugh and giggle incessantly, throwing his head back against the sofa.

“You guys were doing dirty things when I came in!” he exclaimed, looking at you and pinching your cheeks to which you swatted him away and turned your head so he couldn’t see how red your face had gotten.

“Jackson stop it oh my god” Yugyeom whined in response, tugging the pillow back from Jackson as he tried to stop the tears from running down his face due to laughing so much.

“I can’t believe how grown up you’ve gotten Yugyeom. You’re a real man now!” he patted Yugyeom on the back before getting up from the sofa.

“I’ll leave you two spring chickens alone. Continue where you left off! Don’t mind me!” he chuckled as he walked out the living room door towards his room, leaving you to alone finally. You shut your eyes tight, feeling more embarrassed than you had ever felt in your entire life. Yugyeom moved closer to you before putting his hand on top of yours. “I’m so sorry about that (Y/N). I didn’t know he would be back so soon…” he trailed off, feeling terrible for putting you in such an uncomfortable situation. You opened your eyes to see a very concerned looking Yugyeom, his eyes full of regret about the whole ordeal. You smiled gently before kissing his nose.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault.” You cooed into his face before he kissed you lightly on your lips. You didn’t even notice Jackson at the door until he knocked the door frame, causing you both to snap your heads around.

“WHAT, JACKSON?!” you both shouted in unison, before Jackson threw a small box towards the both of you. It landed beside you on the sofa, before you picked it up and seen it was a box of condoms. You groaned, gritting your teeth as Yugyeom opened his mouth wide in shock before giving Jackson a look of disbelief.

“Don’t forget to use a condom! Kids shouldn’t have kids!” he said cheerfully, before walking back to his room, smiling and giving himself a pat on the back before saying to himself “Good man, Jackson. That’s your good deed done for today!”  

But what am I supposed to do?

Chapter 12: the scandal

Chapter 1 [x]
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Your sweet morning had quickly turned sour; something had happened and it was something definitely serious. And there you are; left in an empty apartment, in nothing but his shirt. What could possibly have happened?

You watch confused as Minho heads for the door; jacket and phone in hand. How could he leave without an explanation? An undeniable sensation of dread slowly fills your stomach as you sit there on the cool leather sofa; the warm spot where he’d been was slowly fading away. You stay in the apartment for another hour with no word from anyone. As you slowly slip back into last nights dress, you hear the distant buzz of your phone.

[Seoyeon] um did something happen with you and Minho last night?

Your cheeks begin to burn as your eyes scan the text; how would she know? She wasn’t even there. You tap a tentative reply as you sit on the edge of Minho’s bed.

[Y/N] …maybe. Why?

[Seoyeon] Minho was caught on camera leaving the launch event with a girl.

You feel your stomach churn as you read Seoyeon’s reply. 

[Y/N] no… no no…

You mumble anxiously as you open up a search engine. Sure enough, on the front page was a blurry picture of Minho with a girl. A girl that… if you squinted hard enough… looked a lot like you. However, it was unmistakably Song Minho. You feel nauseous as you read the comments. This was going to cause a scandal. You try ringing his phone but he doesn’t answer.

You spend the next couple of days tracking the news, reading the statements released by YG and waiting for a phone call. You can barely concentrate at work; it feels like everyone knows. Why’re they looking over here? Do they recognise you?

[Y/N] come on… answer…

You mumble to yourself; foot tapping away nervously underneath your desk. For the fifth time that morning… no answer. You sigh and lean back in your chair; desperately trying to forget the nauseating feeling in your stomach. How could he not get into contact at all? Not even a text. You felt responsible. If only you’d been more careful. Memories start to flood back from two years ago. Why weren’t you more careful… brrrp. The sound of your phone snaps you back to reality. You practically leap at your phone; his name flashing up on the LED screen.

[Y/N] Minho…

You breathe down the phone anxiously; his name escaping your lips. You hold the phone against your cheek. The cool screen burning against your warm skin. You wait nervously; you hear him sigh. He sounds tired.

[MH] Y/N

His voice cracks as he speaks. Tears burn in your eyes.

[Y/N] I’m sorry…

You whisper, lowering your voice as eyes drift across the office towards you. You leave your desk and head for the quiet corridor. You hear his chuckle as you apologise.

[MH] No, I should be the one apologising… I should have called.

[Y/N] No! No, there’s no need to be sorry… I’m sure you were busy…

You blurt out; you should be angry with him, but instead you find yourself under his spell again. You blush as you try to regain composure.

[Y/N] I mean… a text would have be nice…

You murmur quietly. You’re just happy to hear his voice.

[MH] I know, I know…

He sounds strange… distant. 

[Y/N] Is everything okay?

[MH] …I’ll make this up to you Y/N.

And then he’s gone. You stare down at your phone confused. What’s going on?

You sip at your glass of wine carefully as you pile yourself under several blankets on your sofa; time to relax. You switch on the TV; ready to tune in to the latest MBC Drama and lose yourself for a few sweet moments. But, as always, life doesn’t work like that. The familiar sound of the doorbell fills the apartment. You almost spill your wine as you leap out of your seat; the dark but unmistakable figure of Minho showing up on the small monitor. 

Originally posted by cheonjaes

You open the outer door for him and wait anxiously to hear his familiar knock at the door. Toc Toc. Your heart beats faster as you open your front door; your eyes scan over his tall figure. Minho’s hair was slightly damp and his cheeks flushed pink from the cold evening air.

[MH] Y/N…

He breathes your name in such a way that your heart skips a beat. You motion for him to enter and follow behind him; you watch as his broad shoulders emerge from his damp coat. You take it from him, his scent already intoxicating. You turn to him, awkward and shy. The launch event seemed like weeks ago now.

[MH] Please don’t blame yourself…

He whispers as one of his long arms wraps around your shoulders; his hand, cool from the night air, slowly cupping the nape of your neck. You allow him to pull you into an embrace.

[MH] I should have been more careful… I’ll be more careful

You close your eyes as Minho places a gentle kiss on your forehead. You breathe in his scent. That scent. If only it could always be like this. You pull him towards the sofa; blushing under his curious gaze. 

[MH] Y/N?

Minho murmurs as he sits next to you; you bite your lip as you scoot closer to him. You watch pleased as his eyes begin to search you hungrily.

[Y/N] I missed you, Minho… I was really worried.

You murmur, his hand enclosed in yours. 

[MH] It’s only been like… what? 4 days? I had to wait for two years…

Minho chuckles as your face grows hot; you push him playfully.

[Y/N] That’s not funny Minho…

[MH] I know… I’m sorry

He murmurs as his long fingers hook under your chin; his dark eyes playing havoc with your heart once again. It might as well be two years ago; you’re like a teenager all over again. The same lovestruck teens that had dreamt of a future together.

[Y/N] Will everything be okay again now?

You whisper, eyes meeting his. Minho smiles and runs his hands along your jaw. You search his face for an answer.

[MH] I love you… Y/N… and that’s all that matters.

~to be continued~

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I know this is short and probably terrible… but starting off on a filler chapter is super hard for someone who hasn’t written in months. Pls be kind <3