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me: i’ve got so many things to do im so stressed and anxious and aaahhhh

me: but what if i drew every clara outfit ever

These are the top 50 CARTOOON premiere ratings, data collected from ShowBuzzDaily and total day viewers for the month from TVNewser (thanks Nick and More). 

The season finale of Rick and Morty topped the month on the 1st day, at 2.6 million. The Halloween specials of Spongebob and Loud House on Nickelodeon came in #2 and #3, being the only 2 kids based programming to surpass 2 million viewers in October. The weekday bombs of Loud House and weekend moring premieres of Spongebob takes most of the top 10 slots, bringing Nick to win majority of this chart.

The return of DIsney’s Andi Mack got Disney barely into the top 10 at 1.6 million, with lead-out Stuck in the Middle being the second for Disney on this list at #22. 

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go was highest for the network in the month with its half-hour special at 1.4 million, bringing it to the 15th most watched premiere this month. The lead-out of the event, OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes placed 2nd for the network in the month at 1.3 million at #24.


TOP 50 TELEVISION CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers): #48 - eddie thawne (the flash)

“I was short, fat, and the son of a politician who closed the factory in my school district, so not so popular. I got my ass kicked. A lot, until my gym coach took pity on me. She said the key to fighting is patience. A lot of guys waste energy trying to land the most punches. All it takes is one, but you got to make it count. Choose your spot and drive through it, like it’s six inches behind the target.”

I need something new to watch, so I look at the list of top rated series on imdb and…

AVGN, truly one of the top 50 TV series of all time.

“A foul-mouthed nerd reviews bad video games.”


TOP 50 TELEVISION CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers): #50 - angela moss (mr. robot)

“I have an idea that will change the world. I know it sounds really stupid, but I know how to do it. I think it could actually work.”