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The story of young Mary Queen of Scots is coming to an end. The upcoming fourth season of the CW’s costume drama Reign will be its last. The CW brass have made the decision and have informed the series’ producers.

Reign, from CBS TV Studios, is in production. The cancellation news comes just as the series is starting filming the Season 4 finale. That is the same timing as the CW’s decision to end 90210 three years ago. However, in the case of Reign, I hear that the call did not come out of the blue. I hear the network and the producers had been having conversations that Season 4 may be the last, so the writers had been crafting this as a possible final chapter. Word is that they are prepared to shoot a series closer, and the show will be able to give fans a conclusion to the story of Mary Queen of Scots, which was not the case with 90210.

The 16-episode final fourth season of Reign premieres on Feb 10, with the period drama occupying the Friday 9 PM slot. Its last episode is expected to air in June.

Reign is one of two female-centered CW dramas certain to end this season, along with The Vampire Diaries. Created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta, Reign stars Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots.

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Here are the props I did as an intern at Studio Hari, under the mentorship of the great Clément Dartigues. This was for the upcoming TV series ‘Grizzy and the Lemmings’ directed by Victor Moulin. Artistic direction by Edouard Cellura.

I had an awesome time at the studio and I learned so much in only one short week. Thanks to everyone I met there !


Characters that are just like someone we all knew in high school


Lucille Ball ruled the roost as Queen of the B’s in Hollywood before earning the title of Queen of Comedy with her move to television in the early 1950s. She also proved extremely adept behind the scenes, becoming the first woman to run a major television studio, Desilu Productions, once she bought out ex-husband Desi Arnaz’s shares in 1962. Have a ball today, and enjoy some of Lucy’s work from her Tinseltown days.


My First Project I as an official Co-Executive Producer. This class (Basic studio production)  I was the Teaching Assistant for. I advised them with development of the show idea, writing and set design. I was so glad help these enthusiastic young individuals. Made their learning experience fun. But this was not a cake walk. Our TV studio was a shared space and things had to be set and touched up the night before almost thought they couldn’t pull it off.


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