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Concept: Solid Snake as one of the only people in MGS1 with no 4th wall awareness. Campbell tells him some shit about Stereo TVs and he’s just like ???? ok whatever you say colonel. 

Mantis all like “VIBRATION IS BACK!!!” and Snake’s like “I DON’T EVEN WANNA KNOW YOU PERV” 

Ocelot like “Don’t even think about using auto-fire or I’ll know” during the torture scene and he thinks about calling Master Miller later like “Master what’s auto-fire? how does one cheat at torture?” 

They keep telling him to call Mei Ling and “Save” and it’s supposed to be important so he does it but.. why? Who knows. 


I cut school. I cut school and I got on a bus and I don’t even know why I did it. I have no excuse. I was just standing outside of Chilton, and I don’t know, I must have had a stroke or something. What does a stroke feel like?I don’t know. Not good, probably.  And I left school and I got on a bus and I went to New York. And that’s it! I’m grounded for six months, or seven, and no TV, no stereo, no reading. In fact, take all of my books away from me and lock them up. Hold on here. You went to New York?  And no magazines, either. And I’m going to do all of the housework. Laundry, dishes… in fact, we’re going to start eating at home so that we have dishes.  Rory. What? Stop. Why did you go to New York?

To see Jess.

I understand why people with a lot of stuff feel burdened by it, and the contrasting appeal of having less of it. I cleaned houses to put myself through college as a single mother. I spent my days in expensive homes, full of large televisions and stereo systems, fully furnished rooms that collected dust. I was alone and isolated most days, and at night, I concentrated on the three or four online classes I took through a local community college. My daughter and I had about $50 in spending money a month.

Over the course of a year, and after seeing how the other half lived, I started to recognize that by having less, by trying to find joy in what little things life brings — like a 25-cent puzzle we found at a garage sale — we were living a somewhat happier life. Or, I assumed we were, after noticing while cleaning bathrooms that my clients tended to be on several medications for depression, pain and sleeplessness.

In some ways, I was practicing what minimalism preaches. But it didn’t make me happy. And I imagine for millions of other working-class Americans who struggle to get by, minimalism’s principles don’t sit well either. Buddhist belief says happiness is the freedom from want, and yet, what if your life is streamlined out of necessity, and not choice?

JumpStartJune16 Picture Challenge : Favorite place in your home to workout

So, I actually have three places where I workout, depending on the time of day and what I’m doing:

The top is in my ‘Florida Room’ (back porch to the rest of the world). I have a yoga mat that stays there all the time and you’ve seen many yoga poses and headstands from that spot.  I also have my Swiss ball out here and do pike-ups and situps on it out there. 

The next is actually a spare room in the garage which I turned into an ‘official’ workout room.  It has a bosu ball, mats on the floor, weights, a step, a DVD player/TV, a stereo, and mirrors along one wall for checking form. This is the first place I tried headstands, and will probably be the first place I try a handstand, although I’m a little worried about falling against those cabinets, and I can’t move away from them for the headstand cos of the window. 

The last is my living room in front of the TV. I stretch here a lot at night while watching TV, this is me working on my quad stretches and also foam rolling my IT band. You can see I also have weights in here – a kettle bell and dumbbells which stay there all the time. When my knee was hurt, I worked upper body and core here A LOT, but now I just do that when I’m feeling especially energetic. :)


Somewhere in the Wayne Manor there is a room dedicated to spending bad days in. In this room there is a fully stocked refrigerator, a punching bag, a sparring dummy, a gigantic television, a stereo system, a nice sofa, half a dozen beanbag chairs, a fireplace, every video game counsel imaginable, and a fully stocked bookcase.

answer 11 ask 11 tag !

thank you so much for tagging me @joyfuljasmin-study !! i had so much fun answering your questions !!! 

1. what are your feelings on studying on an average day?

tbh on an average day, i don’t really concentrate on studying but when it’s a day where i need to study, i become a studying machine *evil laugh*

2. favorite music genre?

aghh that’s a hard one… i have a lot of favorite genres but my top two are pop and rock

3. do you watch youtube? if so, who are your favorite youtubers?

yes i do i’m kinda obsessed and my favorite youtubers at the moment are pewdiepie (for gaming) and tbhstudying (for study tips)

4. television or music? stereo or headphones? phone or tablet (or neither?)?

umm… music, headphones and phone

5. what is one of your favorite memories from school? (can be anything from someone you met to a good grade!)

probably my overall memory from school is meeting all of my wonderful friends through the years cheesy

6. do you like the beach? why?

nope i hate sand it gets everywhere and i swear sand just has a plan to ruin your day so i just admire the beach from a far (this summer i plan to go to the beach to see if i change my mind)

7. how many counties have you been in/to?

i’ve never been outside of the us *cries*

8. do you think you could be more relied on to successfully sing a song or write a song?

i’m a horrible singer it’s a no from me so it’s songwriting for me! i write poetry so i guess songwriting would come a bit easier to me. i’ve written songs before but since i can’t play an instrument i just turned them into poems.

9. favorite guilty pleasure song to listen to?

how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds (i was just playing it on spotify.. for the seventh time i have a problem

10. apples or oranges or alternative fruit?


11. what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read “smile”?


like i said i really enjoyed answering these questions. i don’t know many people in the studyblr community yet so i sadly can’t tag 11 blogs but i tag @britishpolyglot, @studeebean, @studyingtho, @tyri-studies and anyone who wants to have a little fun answering some questions!

here are my questions! this part took me sooo long oh my

1. why did you decide to make a studyblr?

2. favorite celebrity?

3. tv series or movie?

4. how many states have you visited?

5. favorite music genre?

6. guilty pleasure activity?

7. instagram, twitter or tumblr?

8. favorite stationery brand?

9. which country would you like to visit? why?

10. cat person or dog person?

11. tea or coffee? cake or cookie? candy or chocolate?


From helping invent the original videotape recorder to innovating movie sound for films like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and STAR WARS, Ray Dolby was a lifelong innovator. 

Read a brief history on the man who revolutionized the television, music, and motion picture industries.