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Grave Encounters + Ghost Adventures


Therefore Yavanna set times for the flowering and the ripening of all things that grew in Valinor; and at each first gathering of fruits Manwë made a high feast for the praising of Eru, when all the peoples of Valinor poured forth their joy in music and song upon Taniquetil. This now was the hour, and Manwë decreed a feast more glorious than any that had been held since the coming of the Eldar to Aman. […] Fëanor came indeed, for him alone Manwë had commanded to come.

The Silmarillion: The Rebellion of Feanor (2017): Eönwë informs Fëanor of his weekend plans.


Celebrating 40 years of Sholay : Iconic Lines Part 1

Sholay went on to become such a cult-classic that not only its characters but also dialogues became phenomenon. Its iconic one-liners such as “Ye Haath mujhe de de thakur”, “Kitne admi the” and “Jo dar gaya, samjho mar gaya” are still deemed timeless. It was the first film in the history of Indian cinema whose dialogue CDs also got released along with the music soundtracks. The success of Sholay inspired various television programs, spoofs, advertisements and films.

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Gamera vs. Barugon (1966): Episode K04 (December 4, 1988), later re-aired as Episode 304 (June 22, 1991)

This was the first theatrically released movie spoofed on the show, and the first of five films from the Gamera series on MST3K.

(Part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Project, documenting every movie and TV show spoofed on the series.)

His art appeared in a range of places, from the Navy News and Tales from the Cryptto Time and TV Guide. Jack Davis, a founding member of Mad magazine, has died at 91. The influential cartoonist was one of the humorists known as the “Usual Gang of Idiots.”

Davis’ knack for dry caricature created iconic parodies for Mad, spoofing TV and films from High Noon to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gone with the Wind and M*A*S*H.

“More than any one piece, it was Jack’s immediately recognizable style that revolutionized comic illustration,” said MAD art director Sam Viviano. “There is not a humorous illustrator in the past 50 years who hasn’t been influenced by him.”

Jack Davis, Cartoonist Who Helped Found ‘Mad’ Magazine, Dies At 91

Image: DC Entertainment

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman - Supernatural Version

Do You Wanna Fight Some Demons

Do you wanna fight some demons?
Come on let’s go find dad
I haven’t seen him in some days
Please come back to old ways
It’s the family business, after all
We used to be Hunters
And now you’re not
Because you went off to law school
Do you wanna fight some demons?
It doesn’t have to be a demon!

“So get this, Dean”

Okay, cool

Do you wanna fight a demon?
Or gank a ghost, we just got a call
Since I’ve been back from Hell, you’ve become something new
I’ve started talking to
the Impala,
while you’re AWOL
(I love you, Baby)
I know you’re meeting Ruby
I wish you would tell me why
(66 seals, 66 seals, 66, seals)

Castiel, I know you’re out there,
Something happened in the cage!
They say Sammy has no soul, but where did it go?
Can we fix him!?
I need my little brother
It’s always been Sam and Dean
What am I gonna do?
Do you wanna fight some demons?


This may or may not be the greatest video you view all week. Live action DuckTales intro, with real ducks.


Honey Boo Boo Sketch by LMAO..more at
StyleHaul Taps Paramount Exec as Content Chief (Exclusive)

Disney’s $500 million-plus acquisition of Maker Studios is the biggest example yet of Hollywood’s appetite to assimilate the DNA of youth-skewing YouTube multichannel networks. But it’s a two-way street — and MCNs are just as eager to acquire studio smarts.

StyleHaul, an MCN focused on fashion and beauty, has hired Mia Goldwyn, Paramount Pictures’ VP of biz dev for digital. In the newly created position of chief content officer, Goldwyn will oversee the company’s original programming strategy, including expansion into new digital channels and scripted genres.

“We’re bringing on someone who is a true pioneer in the digital space, and we need that to really connect those two dots,” StyleHaul president and CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski said.

Goldwyn, 34, helped relaunch Paramount Digital Entertainment, the studio behind digital series “Burning Love,” produced by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour shingle. The comedy series debuted on Yahoo and was picked up by E!. A 13-year veteran of the studio, she worked across multiple business groups, including digital, business development and strategy, licensing, and home media in the U.S. and abroad.

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StyleHaul caters to an 18-34 female demo with its 4,000-plus YouTube channels, which comprise fashion tips, entertainment news and brief branded-content segments. Goldwyn is charged with developing scripted genres, including comedies, dramas and reality-TV spoofs, in partnership with FremantleMedia North America.

“We’re going to take existing, proven formats Fremantle has experience with — like ‘Idol’ – and take those to digital,” Goldwyn said. StyleHaul in January debuted its first Fremantle-produced show, talkshow “The Crew” hosted by four British lads, and the companies plan to launch a total of 10 original series over the next two years.

At Paramount, Goldwyn was “creative about the packaging and financing of these programs,” Horbaczewski said. “There’s been a long history of trying to take television and make it work in the digital space, and you’ve seen what Paramount has been able to accomplish.”

Goldwyn was born and raised in Bulgaria before her family moved to L.A. when she was 11. Her first job out of college was as an intern with Paramount. In StyleHaul, she saw an opportunity to extend the digital upstart’s brand to longer-form content. “I am a believer that you have to take risks sometimes,” she said. “If there was any hesitation (about joining StyleHaul), it’s because Paramount has been my home since I was very young.”

To date, StyleHaul has raised $17 million in funding from RTL Group (parent company of FremantleMedia), Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (which owns a majority stake in RTL) and venture-capital firm RezVen Partners. “Mia’s extensive international experience will help drive StyleHaul’s development into a global media brand,” RTL Group VP of strategy Giles Drew said in a statement.

Other recent StyleHaul hires include James Stafford, formerly Google’s head of branded content in Europe, who now runs StyleHaul U.K.; and Alison Kennedy, formerly of Glam Media, as chief revenue officer.

On YouTube, StyleHaul’s 4,000-plus channels have 138 million subscribers. More than 53 million monthly unique viewers watch more than 21 million hours of video per month across the MCN’s properties.

Soooo… Mia Goldwyn is Peter’s wife. And guess who did multiple interviews, a web thingie and a photo shoot last month in connection with Neutrogena, all at Style Haul?? Hmmm?

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Institutional Winner The Daily Show

Television has spoofed newsmakers and current events for decades, but The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was transformative. In an era of politicized, echo-chamber news channels, Stewart and a cohort of talented farceurs—several of whom have also become household names—didn’t just make jokes about news, they became a crucial source of news for citizens united in their disappointment with politics and cable news. While The Daily Show is a program that existed before and after Stewart’s tenure, there is little doubt that Stewart and his team, over the course of 17 years, made a lasting impact on political satire, television comedy, and politics.

—  The 75th Peabody Awards on ‘The daily show with Jon Stewart’