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Series 1 to Series 6 trailers supercut

If you watched Osomatsu-san and got interested in checking Osomatsu-kun out, you probably noticed that there aren’t many episodes readily available online. You can find some torrents with some digging, but not everyone’s able to/wants to download torrent files, and since I’ve been able to obtain most of them, I decided to make what I got available for those who haven’t had the same luck! 

The episodes are all uploaded to Google Drive and are, therefore, free of ads. 

60s Osomatsu (Missing episodes 26, 27 and eps. 36 to 44)

80s Osomatsu pt. 1 (Ep. 01 to 72 + TV Special)

80s Osomatsu pt. 2 (Ep. 73 to 86 + 1st Half of Osomatsu Bakabon Special)

Enjoy! If anyone has anything I don’t have and want me to add to the list, feel free to contact me~


TRAILER #4 of the upcoming DC 2-hour-special Episode ONE!!!

Reveals the involvement of Yukiko, Yusaku, Eri and CHIANTI & KORN!!!(Vermouth as well, but the preview pics already revealed that)

Sherry’s reaction, at the end, to probably witnessing the shrinking effect on her lab-rat! HYPE!