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“You gave him the pistachios?!??!?!?”
“He looked hungry.”
“You GAVE him THE PISTACHIOS!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”
“What is this, Pinhead Pierre?”

Okay we know that Eliot actually has a great singing voice even if he doesn’t like singing very much but imagine that he actually does it when he has the kitchen of the Physical Kids Cottage to himself while he cooks. And Quentin comes in to get a snack or whatever and sees him and he doesn’t know if it’s the singing or the sun coming through the window in just the right way or the fact that Eliot hasn’t noticed that he’s not alone anymore and looks so relaxed and happy, but he has the biggest “Oh I think I might be in love” Moment and he really wishes he had his phone on him to frame the moment in some way.